Goddess of Destruction Site Shares Final 2 Classes

NCsoft just unveiled the final two Awakening Classes on the Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction site, along with a new boss and zone. Here are the details:

  • Awakening Classes: Aeore Healers tap into powerful magic to support their allies from behind the scenes, while Othell Rogues are assassins who use speed and stealth to dispatch their enemies.
  • New Boss: The demon Balok wields the power to open the gates to hell. He can be challenged in an instanced raid by one to three full parties of players. The instance resets twice per week.
  • New Zone: The Prison of Darkness is both a solo hunting dungeon and a party instanced dungeon for the Spezion raid, all suited to high-level characters.

This massive update is scheduled to launch in Lineage II this fall.


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