Dragon Nest Patch: New Dungeon, Functional Store

Dragon Nest's open beta may have been extended, but Nexon is still adding new content to the action MMO. Today's Enter the Labyrinth patch adds two major features: The Minotaur's Nest level 24 Abyss dungeon and the fully functional Dragon Vault in-game store.

Let's start off with the Dragon Vault. Prior to today's patch, open beta participants were able to test out the store for free using Scales. You will now need to purchase NX to buy items from the store. New items have been added to the Vault, such as the 5-slot Adventurer's Bag for 2,900 NX ($2.90), the 30-slot Adventurer's Bag for 13,900 NX ($13.90) and the skill-resetting Scroll of Unlearning for 19,800 NX ($19.80). There are also a variety of costume items for 1,600 NX each ($1.60), as well as costume packages. There's even a set of White Cupid Wings that give your character a 10% speed boost for 2,800 NX ($2.80).

Do you want to win some NX to use in the Dragon Vault? Enter our Dragon Nest NX Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to 200,000 NX, as well as a poochum plush toy!

As for the Minotaur's Nest, it's a level 24 four-player Abyss dungeon located at the Ashen Ruins. You'll need to complete any level 16 Abyss dungeon to receive the entry pass. Watch the video below to see the Minotaur's Nest in action!

If you're a Dragon Nest player, be sure to check out our Dragon Nest Armory site. We have a variety of searchable databases and a skill calculator!


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