Lineage II Marks 7 Years with 3-Week Celebration

Lineage II's seventh anniversary festivities kick off today, April 20, and runs for the next three weeks. There's a lot going on during the celebration, so we'll break it down with a handy list:

  • Double XP, SP and Free Teleports (April 20-27): Celebrate seven years of Lineage II with seven days of double experience points and skill points and seven days of free teleports. Your characters also receive full Vitality when the event begins!
  • Anniversary Account Reactivation (April 20 to May 4): All inactive accounts in good standing will be reactivated so that veteran players can play for free.
  • Anniversary Subscription Rewards (April 20 to May 4): Receive special anniversary rewards with your subscription purchases ranging from a Hero’s Treasure Chest to a 7th Anniversary Cloak.
  • Anniversary Letters Event (April 20 to May 11): Hunt all over Aden to find magical letter blocks dropped by monsters. Combine the letters to create specific words and turn in those words to receive rewards.
  • Anniversary gifts: NCsoft will be giving out a 7th Anniversary Pack and an Anniversary Endgame Cloak on April 27, as well as a 7th Anniversary Bonus Pack on May 4.

As part of the celebration, Aion players can purchase armor skins inspired by Lineage II Dynasty Armor through May 16. Lastly, don't forget to keep an eye out for a Lineage II: Goddess of Destruction reveal on April 28!


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Ncsoft Lineage2 lol
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This is the ramblings of a X L2 player do not read if you Like L2 in anyways but this is all true since I was there when it all went down.

Lineage 2 died in C5, We launched with 3 servers then it went to 6 and stayed 6 servers until they added some European servers. Then with Ncsoft announcing have 17 million playing lineage 2 and setting world records of the most to ever play any mmorpg ( this was like in 2005 lol ) and at the same time setting record loses for ncsoft.

Then it came finally server transfers which killed already did servers. they charged 50 bucks for this and many did it. Then 3 months later huge server mergers. WAIT they knew they were going to merge those servers but they ripped people off 3 months before common ncsoft tactic.

They merged and then merged again and still barely anyone played it. 2010 less then a few 1000 total played Lineage 2 on the US server and 1 European server.

There use to be some tracking program that could see lineage 2 servers populations this was back before the server transfer rip of and at peak hours there was less then 1000 players on any server most stayed around 500 or less. Remind you ncsoft allowed farmers and L2 was known for a 50% farmer population

2011 I dont know ANYONE who i played lineage 2 with who still plays it.
NO one except on private lineage 2 servers plays it and I still run a private L2 server, well my 15 year old daughter does lol
I remember when L2 went after l2extreme and said the little 25 grand a month they were making was cutting into huge profits of ncsoft err 25 grand? Blizzard sneezes that and doesnt even see it.

L2extreme was shut down but 1000s of others still remained and made money I know back then my servers made me some money.

L2 was a beautiful game so is AION but its run but fools who let us get hacked from within and blamed it on US never did anything about our accounts being hacked it was out faults yet it was a rogue employee(S)

If Blizzard had L2 and Aion they would be huge games but ncsoft runs them.

I know in South Korea they are massive. L2 was known in Korea for girls trading favors for in game items. The stuff we were told from korean farmers was crazy what girls would do for a S grade Sword **** back in the day a BJ would get you a B grade item lol Crazy

Still cant figured out how they had 17 million Lineage 2 players broke all records to date and blizzard only has 12 millionish and it HOLDS the record of the most subscribed players with proof and the entire world of gaming knows this but ncsoft still backs its 17 million lol and record losses 17 million x 15 a month = loss? Someone is doing something wrong lol

Do hate me and if you do have a whiskey shot and charge it to me

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