Undead Labs Discusses Firearm Design Process

Undead Labs announced last month that it's kicking off it's zombie-filled franchise with a two-player game codenamed "Class3" for XBox LIVE Arcade, followed by the "Class4" MMO. Considering survival is going to play a big part in the games, what will be your weapon of choice? A new dev blog entry outlines how the team designs firearms, which it turns out is a highly in-depth discussion. Here's what they talk about in meetings:

  • Player expectations: "What do players expect from the weapons they’re using?"
  • Play styles: "In the end, it is our job to give you enough choices to let you play the game how you want to."
  • Believability: "Our intent isn’t to make things as realistic as possible. In fact, in many cases, making something realistic can actually make it LESS fun."
  • Balance: "That means not only discussing how effective the weapons are against zombies, but also how effective they are relative to each other."
  • Progression: "Should some guns suck, useful only until you find something superior? How much better should one rifle be than another? In what ways can they vary?"

So what's your weapon of choice against zombies? Pistols? Sniper rifle? Submachine gun? Personally, I'm always a fan of using shotguns against a horde of undead.


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