Exclusive First Look at LOMA's Brotherhood System

In Legend of Martial Arts, a Brotherhood is small, close-knit group of players that works together to earn rewards. Find out how a Brotherhood enhances PvP in our sneak peek at the system!

In preparation for the launch of Legends of Martial Arts' open beta on Dec. 15, Perfect World Entertainment has given us an exclusive first look at the game's Brotherhood System! Think of a Brotherhood as a small that works together to earn rewards.

PvP fans will definitely want to check out the "Enemy List" function, which lets the Brotherhood keep track of the players that have killed its members. Just like in the movie "Kill Bill," your Brotherhood can go down the list and seek revenge on your enemies. Keep reading after the jump for all the details!

LOMA Brotherhood System

One of Legend of Martial Arts’ most unique features is its all-new Brotherhood System. A Brotherhood is basically a small, close-knit group of characters that works together to attain powerful rewards. Any character level 60+ can create and name a Brotherhood, and then invite up to five of his or her friends to it. Each member can then assign himself a title to fully personalize the system.

Once it’s all set up, the real fun begins. One of the main parts of the Brotherhood system is the Vengeance PvP aspect. Basically, if any member of your brotherhood is slain by another player, that PK’er instantly goes onto your brotherhood’s "Enemy List." This is where the hunt begins. Enemy players are tracked on the list, and their current connection and realm statuses are visible to all members of your brotherhood. If you manage to find your enemy and destroy him, your brotherhood then gains “Brotherhood Points” which can be used to buy special powerful skills for all members of the group. Through this and other daily tasks, your brotherhood, if loyal and cohesive, will be able to reach any number of goals to increase the power of each of its individual members.

For our Closed Beta testers who want to try this system out right away, please head to the NPC named “Avatar” in Old Capital, Golden Dragon City. He’ll get you set up with your Brotherhood application.

See you in-game, and don’t forget, Open Beta starts December 15!


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