Touring with Turbine: Update 8 in DDO!

Update 8 ties up the nefarious plots that were set in motion in Update 7, as well as acting as a bookend for Turbine as they begin development for the new year. Following along as we tour Update 8!

Whenever I think about some of the huge advances made by Dungeons & Dragons Online since its shift to free-to-play, my head just starts to spin. Just the fact that Turbine is still maintaining its aggressive promise to deliver content on a near-monthly basis is impressive, but if you remember that this is in an industry where half-year to one-year content gaps (I'm looking at you, Aion) are common, you'll realize just how good Turbine has become at keeping its customers happy. But enough of that: today is another Turbine tour day!

The latest adventure pack to come out of the minds of Turbine is really a nice tie-up to Turbine's massive Update 7, in November. While Update 8 isn't nearly as beefy as its predecessor in terms of new content or changes, it does act as a solid bookend for Turbine before they make the transition into 2011. Thus, Update 8, which includes the "Attack on Stormreach" premium adventure pack, will tie off the continuing siege on Stormreach's Lordsmarch Palace, in addition to adding a new "Special Eldritch Device" (in the form of a cauldron…) that allows players to upgrade their named items from Update 7 with some new named treasures found in Update 8.

The first of our tour-stops kicked off with a bang as we were immediately sent over to the walls of Summerfield in order to fend off the first wave of Droaam attackers. Here, players will enjoy the wide-open space of the adventure, as it features a solid amount of exploration with little of that "guided rails" feel that can sometimes accompany more classic dungeons. After fending off a few waves of attackers (who come in randomly spawning portals along the city walls), we jumped down to the ground floor to rescue fallen soldiers while also clearing the city of baddies. There was  an optional objective in the form of taking the fight back to the Droaam army outside of the city, which really contributed to a nice open space, almost similar to the larger outdoor zones players are familiar with.

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