ZAM's Exclusive In-Depth Look at TERA's Slayer

We have all the details on TERA's Slayer, and this class is a combination of agility and power. Whether you want to swing a massive greatsword or dodge around your enemies, the Slayer does it all.

En Masse Entertainment has given us an exclusive in-depth look at the Slayer class, and it's safe to say that players who enjoy both speed and power will want to pick up a massive greatsword when TERA launches in North America and Europe next year.

To put it in generic fantasy MMO terms, the Slayer appears to be a combination of a fierce warrior and an agile rogue. Players who choose this class will be able to cut a path through a group of enemies using an incredibly large two-edged sword, but they'll also be able to dodge around their opponents and attack them from behind. Slayers don't hide under cumbersome plate armor; instead, the class wears light leather to remain mobile and evasive on the field of battle.

The Slayer's armor choice may not offer a lot of protection, but it gives players the opportunity to perform various attacks that would be impossible while wearing plate. In addition to stabbing enemies in the back, Slayers can use a backflip kick to get out of tough situations or use Headlong Rush to cover up to 15 meters in an instant. 

While the class is adept at dodging and leaping, players will definitely be able to get their hands dirty with the help of a heavy sword. The Slayer starts out with a full-circle attack that increases damage as you repeat it, which will let you take on numerous marauders at once. As they earn experience, Slayers will gain access to all sorts of different sword swings, thrusts, shouts, leaps and swirling blade dances. You can use your basic attack to build up attack-fueling power and unleash a barrage of complex and damaging strikes.

Whether you prefer brute force or agile maneuverability, the Slayer has it all. You can get a taste of the Slayer's numerous abilities in the "Ten Tactics Tips for Slayers" below, and you can view the class in action in the newest Slayer trailer and our exclusive new screenshots.

Also, the development team has answered some of our questions regarding the Slayer class. Check tomorrow for the interview, which will shed some light on even more Slayer details!

Ten Tactics Tips for Slayers

  1. The Slayer doesn't generate aggro like a warrior or sorcerer, but once you’ve acquired the passive skill Opportunity Knocks, you’ll automatically do extra damage to enemies who are focused on other players. This makes you a valued asset in any party, and allows you to use the attention-getting skills of others to finish a fight and gain additional experience.

  2. Overhand Strike is powerful, but slow to activate. You can bring it into play faster if you use it following Whirlwind, Knockdown Strike, Leaping Strike, Stunning Strike, or the fourth blow of your basic attack. Exercise caution when using Overhand strike with low HP: it sacrifices some of your health to fuel its tremendous killing power.

  3. Enemies too close for comfort? Stun them as you leap out of their reach using Backflip Kick, then hurl Blazing Blade at them from a distance. If that doesn’t stop them, you’ll be ready with another attack before they close the distance.

  4. Opponent too far away? Use Headlong Rush to cover up to 15 meters almost instantly. Your next skill will execute 20% faster, so this might be a good time to use something slow but powerful, like Heart Thrust or Overhand Strike.

  5. Floor your foe with Knockdown Strike or Leaping Strike, then hit them with one of your most powerful attacks—perhaps Whirlwind at low levels, and Overhand Strike, Leaping Strike, or Heart Thrust at higher levels, for lots of extra damage before they regain their feet.

  6. Backstab eats the distance between you and your target by rushing you up to 20 meters, then planting your sword in your foe’s back. If you don’t kill your enemy outright, you’ll stun it into taking still more damage from your next attacks.

  7. The skill called Retaliation is both a powerful defense against extra damage when knocked down, and a formidable attack in its own right, carving a swath through enemies on all sides. For foes who close in after a knockdown, use Retaliation immediately on hitting the ground for rapid bounce-back. For foes who move away after a knockdown, then come closer, learn to time the skill to give you a better chance of damaging them as you rise.

  8. Overpower adds 30% damage to the next skill you use. It has a relatively low cooldown and mana cost, so keep this one handy for adding that extra kick.

  9. Desperate Swing is lightning-fast and does more damage the lower your HP, so keep it in mind for helping you get out of tight spots.

  10. Remember to return to your basic attack frequently to repower your MP for more advanced skills.

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