Cataclysm Will Limit Guilds to 600 Members

This new hard cap is due to the guild system that's coming in the expansion.

UPDATE: Blizzard has increased the guild cap to 1,000 members.

Blizzard just announced that a single guild will be able to have a maximum of 600 members in Cataclysm. This new hard cap will go live with patch 4.0.1. The soft cap used to be 500 members will some allowances given, but the hard cap is necessary due to the new guild system that's coming in the expansion.

According to Lead Content Designer Mumper, the 600-member cap covers "more than 99.9% of all the active guilds in World of Warcraft." Guild that make up the remaining tiny fraction will be able to keep their guilds intact, but won't be able to add new member until they drop below the 600-member mark.

So, how many members were in your largest guild? Have you ever come close to 600 members?


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guild member cap updated
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They now changed the guild member cap to 1000 members.

Source: World of Warcraft official Forum
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I can't recall the guilds name nor server but someone posted on the forums that they were screwed, checked it out. they had over 6k members.
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i don't remember how many, but my guild used to have over 500 at one point. it was odd, there were strange things that would happen in guild chat where someone would type, but only certain others could see it. now this wasn't in officer this was in Guild. GM went through the very large list and removed anyone who was "Unknown" and who hadn't played on any alt for over a year, but we had to be careful when recruiting if our number ever got to high.
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well my guild doesn't have neither 1/10 of this limit, and i think that is so much
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