Factions confirmed in Warhammer 40k Online

Vigil Games plans to implement a faction system in Warhammer 40k Online.

A few days ago Vigil Games confirmed that there will be a faction system in their latest project, Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium Online. Although details are still sketchy, Vigil Games has stated that they are working close with Games Workshop, the studio behind the tabletop version of Warhammer 40k, to ensure that storyline is not butchered. Although some fans may be concerned as to which armies will be aligned with each other, Vigil Games has reassured us that they are working very closely to keep the lore and storyline intact for the avid Warhammer 40k fans.

What we know so far is that there will be two definite factions. Each faction will consist of a conglomerate of races. The faction system used in Warhammer 40k is most likely going to be similar to the WoW or War type of factions where certain races are aligned with a faction and the two factions are at war. Inner-faction PvP is unlikely, but some fans argue that in order to stick closest to the lore inner-faction PvP disputes should be allowed.

Vigil Games has yet to clarify if there will be inner-faction PvP. Regardless, if Games Workshop is working closely with Vigil Games than we can be assured two things, the lore will be great and the PvP epic!


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