Two New Star Trek Online Videos

New Videos show how to fight the rascally Borg and horrifying Undine in the new Special Task Force episodes

Cryptic posted two new videos on the Star Trek Online website. The first previews all the new content coming in the Special Task Force episodes and the second highlights the ways to players can use cloaking to disguise their ships.

The already released "Khitomer Accord" STF episode deals with the Borg players encountered in the tutorial. It involves battling the Borg near a time portal in space, which, when entered, will send players back to events that took place before the tutorial. "The Undine Terradome" will be releasing on April 22nd and features the terrible alien species The Undine, which players have only had a glimpse of until now. Players will now be able to infiltrate an Undine station and rescue Federation hostages if they can decide who actually is a real human and who is an Undine in disguise!

Cloaking is a really interesting part of the Star Trek mythos and looks to be a very fun and balanced part of the Star Trek Online experience. Every ship can cloak, making them completely invisible to all other players. However, only ships with Battle Cloaking can cloak while under attack, and cloaking in general will drop a ship's shields, making it vulnerable. Players can't fire their weapons while cloaked either, but can place themselves in strategically advantageous positions to uncloak and take their first shot.

Watch out for Science vessels though, as they come standard with cloak detecting systems.  Some science officers will be able to detect cloaked ships even when they're not on a science vessel. For more, watch the videos at the Star Trek Online website.



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