Vanguard Introduces Mentoring Program

The newest Vanguard patch has introduced a mentoring system to the game that lets players sync their level with a low-level friend so they can group together across Telon. All a player needs to do is group with anyone five or more levels below them to become a mentor. A mentor's abilities and stats will scale down, but experience will be gained as normal.

Up to five players can mentor one person at the same time, which means a group of friends can all enjoy the new program together. Sony Online Entertainment invites new players to try out the Vanguard 14-day free trial in conjuntion with the new mentoring program to get a helping hand in the game.

More information on the mentoring program can be found after the jump.


You can now right click on a group member to request that they mentor you.  If they accept your request, their level will match yours and you will be able to adventure with them as if they were a normal player your level.

Players who are mentoring can only use abilities they were able to use at the level they’re mentored down to.  If you cast an ability in a line that is higher level, it will automatically cast the highest level of that ability line you qualify for.

While mentoring another player, your stats will scale down.  The reduction in stats scales with the difference between you and the person you’re mentoring.

Both players will gain experience as normal while mentoring.

You must be out of combat to begin or end a mentoring session.

If you leave the group of the person you’re mentoring, you’ll have 2 minutes to re-join them or the mentoring session will end.

Up to 5 players can mentor one person at once.


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