Dominion, 11th EVE Expansion, to Launch in Winter

To say CCP has been busy these days would be an understatement. DUST 514, an MMOFPS set within the EVE Online universe, was recently announced at the Game Developers Conference Europe in Germany. Apocrypha 1.5, an EVE mini-expansion, was just released on Aug. 20. And let's not forget the company is preparing for the Penny Arcade Expo, Dragon*Con, the Austin Game Developers Conference and the seventh EVE Online Alliance Tournament in September, as well as Fanfest 2009 in October (which is where we'll get more details on DUST 514).

Well, if all that wasn't enough, CCP just announced the company will be launching Dominion, the 11th free EVE expansion, this winter around the release of "The Burning Life" novel by Hjalti Daníelsson. Keep reading after the jump for more information on the expansion that will change the end game for EVE Online, and keep an eye out for more Dominion details this fall in dev blogs and at Fanfest.

According to CCP, alliance combat will become more dynamic and require more tactical strategy in an overhaul of the current sovereignty mechanics. CCP listened to feedback from its fans and the Council of Stellar Management when designing these changes for Dominion.

The first part of the COSMOS community platform that's been discussed in dev blogs will add social networking tools to keep players connected, and Epic Mission Arcs for pirate factions will give players a peek into the criminal underworld of EVE Online. Also, artists are working to add more beauty to planets.

We'll be keeping you posted on news from CCP as we anticipate the seventh Alliance Tournament and Fanfest, as well as the launches of Dominion and DUST 514. Now is certainly a good time to be an EVE Online fan.


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