Ether Saga Online Launches with Content Update

Perfect World Entertainment has kicked off July with with the official launch of Ether Saga Online. Even though the free-to-play game has been available to play since the open beta began in March, the launch of the MMO brings with it a ton of new content. The level cap has been raised to 105, two new cities have been opened, and more quests have been added.

In addition, most instances now have easy and hard modes, and the new Obscurity raid has been added for players who like a real challenge. There's even a new White Dragon world boss that spawns every Wednesday evening that offers all sorts of rewards to players who can defeat it.

If combat and instances don't excite you, you may be interested to know that more fashion outfits and mounts have been added to the cash shop. You can read more about the changes included in the game's launch in the patch notes or below. If you'd like to try out Ether Saga Online, you can download the client from the game's official Web site.

Ether Saga Online entered Open Beta on March 17th. The game has seen tremendous growth after the open beta launch, and we have gathered great data and feedback from the players. We are pleased to announce that Ether Saga Online will be officially released on July 1st!

Moving from beta to commercial release, we have implemented some big changes. First, we’ve raised our level cap to 105 to give our players even more content. Two cities are now fully open for players to explore and receive quests. Players will also have access to 13 new skills, doubling their total base class skills.

We’ve also tweaked our 1-45 quest content. The beginning questline has been streamlined to introduce players to game mechanics earlier in their career. We’ve also added more quest content from the level 30-45 range to improve gameplay experience within this level range. Lastly, the main quests have been changed so that players never have to kill more than 20 monsters, making the game more Western-friendly.

Instances have also been improved. Many instances will now have two difficulty modes: easy and hard. The hard mode equates to the instance difficulty in the open beta, while the easy mode lowers the HP and damage dealt by enemies, but also decreases the loot. These two options give players the ability to adjust the instance to their skill level. With the easy mode, players will now also be able to complete an instance with a smaller group and with a lesser-geared character. It’s perfect for players who are looking to complete a quest rather than farm the instance for loot.

We’ve also added new and exciting content for the more hardcore players as well. First of all, we have added a new raid instance called the Obscurity. Meant for 6-24 players, the Obscurity will challenge adventurers.

There are also new elite monsters that spawn in the gameworld with valuable drops. One such item is a Shattered Void Stone. Twenty of these can be collected and forged into a Void Stone, which guarantees a socketing upgrade to weapons.

Lastly, there is also a White Dragon world boss that spawns every Wednesday evening. It is incredibly powerful and will take groups of players to defeat it. However, there are plenty of rewards for everyone who participated. One possible reward is an item that can ultimately allow you to tame a White Dragon pet. It is an arduous task, but it is well worth it!

In additional to all of this gameplay content, we are also adding more fashion outfits and mounts to the cash shop. There are two sets of outfits for each gender, both of which are more casual clothing for characters. The ground mount is the giant bunny, and the flying mounts are some of the most requested items in the game: the larger angel and devil wings.

Ether Saga has grown a lot in a very short amount of time. Our user base has been expanding day-by-day, and we will continue to strive to create the best gameplay experience for all of our players.  If you haven’t given Ether Saga a try, why wait? It’s free register, free to download, free to play, and now it’s live!


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