Dev Q&A Gives Tentative Schedule for New Content

The Vanguard developers have supplied answers to questions fans submitted in April, and perhaps the most noteworthy response gives us information on the timetable for the release of new content. According to the developers, Pantheon will be released relatively soon, and the raid portion should be released approximately two months after that. The developers are looking at Nexus after that, but may push some basic content, such as Stiirhaad or COW, since Nexus is such a large endeavor.

"We are hoping to get another dungeon out after Pantheon B and possibly some side content but we will have to see how things go as we still need to do player choice updates," the developers said.

They also said raid content will follow the current progression line. You can read all of the team's answers below.

When will you allow customers to TRANSFER one of their characters to a second account THEY own without "selling it"?

This type of service is not something that the development team controls. Implementing a system to do this would involve another department and it is not something that is high on their list of priorities.

Could you please make it so rogues can pickpocket something else besides lint? Even junk items and money would be nice... doesn’t have to be anything epic. Please?

We can look into revamping rogue pick pocket tables but will not happen for a while.

With the current experience of the development of content, what would be a good estimate to how much time until the next few content will be released?

Pantheon is releasing relatively soon and the raid portion should release two months or so after depending on testing time and bug regression. After that we are still looking at Nexus but that being a large task we are considering doing some basic content pushes like Stiirhaad or maybe COW.

We are hoping to get another dungeon out after Pantheon B and possibly some side content but we will have to see how things go as we still need to do player choice updates.

Will future raid content follow a progression line, or does everyone kinda start from scratch when pantheon raids (and other future "main" targets) are released?

Raid content will follow the current progression line. Pantheon raid content will be the next tier of dungeon raid content after APW. Since there is a level increase in between your gear will possibly be upgraded from Pantheon group dungeon. Overlands have a progression as well that is somewhat measured against the efforts involved in doing a dungeon. This progression will continue as it has.

Are there any plans to expand the higher level content further than it already is ? (More dungeons, raid areas, quests?)

The answer to question 3 covers this.

When will the "player's choice" patch to fix a bunch of bugs be occurring, or is this just another thing to have fallen by the wayside?

It is supposed to happen after Pantheon A is released.

Will Vanguard be adding more developers for crafting and diplomacy?

We will probably never add another dev for crafting and diplomacy specifically.

Will Bard's be getting any new song components or at least upgrades to the existing song components with the level increase?

Currently not planning to add any new song components for Bards.

Would it be possible for the Dev team to release a list of the top ten biggest bugs they are trying to work out?

We do not really work off of a standard list of big bugs. We go into our queue of bugs that have been confirmed and take the bugs that are the most critical to fix. On top of that we look into bugs that are reported here on the forums and that we find when we play.

In general most bugs we find do not take long to fix but we have many other things to do and very few resources.


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