Wonderland Online Celebrates 1-year Anniversary

Friday marks the one year anniversary of Wonderland Online. In celebration of the occasion, IGG has planned numerous events for players to enjoy, from from double experience to a parade of free gifts.

According to a press release, Wonderland Online boasts 1.4 million users over eight servers. Version 4.0, The Cursed Palace, will be released soon. For more information on all of the anniversary events, keep reading below.

Wonderland Online was released a whole year ago! In the past year, officials released versions 2.0 and 3.0, and it has 8 servers now. To celebrate this WLO anniversary and to thank our players for their continued support, we've prepared a series of events for everyone to enjoy.

What's more, WLO version 4.0, The Cursed Palace, will be released soon. At this very moment, officials are working hard on this new version. Players can look forward to a new fun WLO.

Anniversary Events Preview:

1. Free Points Are Coming
Event Duration: Since March 26th
Event Content: Players can get IGG Points for free if they answer the questionnaire. Meanwhile, an extra 10 IGG gems will be given to players once they won 50 IGG Points.

2. 2X EXP for 2 Days
Event Duration: 1:00 am, March 27th until 11:59 pm, March 28th
Event Content: All players can enjoy 2X EXP during the event.

3. 100 Credits Giveaway
Event Duration: March 27th - April 2nd
Event Content: During the event, players may win 100 Credits at most.

4. Gift Parade
Event Duration: March 27th
Event Content: GM will give away gifts to players in branch 2 of every server on March 27th. For more details, click here .

5. Special Offer in Item Mall
Event Duration: March 27th - March 28th
Event Content: Both the Nimbus Spar and Yacht Voucher will be sold in the Item Mall during the event.
Nimbus Spar: Adds 24 points. Cannot be traded.
Yacht Voucher: Double click on it to get the Yacht.

6. Fortune Bombing
Event Duration: March 27th - March 30th
Event Content: During the event, players may win the Culver Voucher, 1000000 Gold, 8X Holy EXP Potion and Evil Gown.

7. WLO Anniversary Essays Contest
Event Duration: March 21st - March 31st
Event Content: To celebrate WLO's 1st anniversary, officials have been holding an essay contest. You can write about whatever you have received from WLO. For more details click here .

8. WL Promotion Event
Event Duration: March 27th - April 2nd
Event Content: To celebrate the WLO' s anniversary and to create more excitement about the upcoming version 4.0, officials have decided to hold a promotion event. By playing WLO together with your friends, you can win more things and have much more fun!


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