Beat an LoN Scenario for Loot and EQII Beta Access

From EQII Players :

Legends of Norrath ™ Ethernauts tells the story of the brave heroes who defended Norrath from the Void thousands of years prior to the events in The Shadow Odyssey!  It’s like a sneak peek into the upcoming MMO storyline.  For an even bigger peek, jump into the Legends of Norrath The Shadow Odyssey scenario from October 9, 2008 – November 12, 2008.  We’ll provide the new Cloudskipper deck for you to play with to relive this part of the Ethernauts history. 

EverQuest II players who beat the scenario will receive the Draught of the Vigilant (1EQII25) loot card and access to The Shadow Odyssey beta!* 

Some restrictions apply - read more at EQII Players !


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