Realm Population Bonuses - 10/09/08

The WAR Herald has introduced Realm Population Bonuses ! I'm always happy to receive rewards when accomplishing a great battle against the enemy realm, so the more the merrier!:

We are pleased to introduce Realm Population Bonuses. These bonuses are temporary boosts to help new players get into the game and strengthen their allies’ efforts on servers where their realm struggles to keep up with the growing armies of their enemy.

To view the current realm population bonuses, click on the "More..." link below.  We've also setup a post in our forums for the bonuses that we'll be updating on a regular basis.

WAR is here and has brought with it many brave adventurers who seek to make their mark on the world around them. The Age of Reckoning is at hand and the gods of Order and Destruction summon you to their call!

Great rewards await those who take up their charge and help to bolster their army's strengths where it's needed the most.

Current Realm Population Bonuses

Server: Bechafen
Realm: Order
Expires: 7 days

The information above is also available in game via the Server Select screen. Servers with Realm Population bonuses will have an icon next to them with Blue representing Order and Red representing Destruction.


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two thing about this...
# Oct 09 2008 at 2:32 PM Rating: Decent
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One it will get all the people that switched over to chaos. Becuase they where tired of getting slaughterd back.

The secound is annoyance since they are getting a 20%exp and reknown. How do they plan on balanceing it for chaos? That is huge, when you consider my 24th level 18th level reknown would have with %20.

they just better be worth it as I kill them in thier keeps...
For the Father has his day of vengeance, and his day of retribution, to up hold hates cause. The weaker and pitiful races skins will turn into dust, there bodies will become a burning sulfur, and thei
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