Why WoW players should switch to WAR

GamesRadar's Tyler Nagata had a few things to say as well about why you should pick up a copy of Warhammer Online.  Here's a guy that loves the game so much it almost scares me:

Playing an MMO isn't a hobby. It isn't a pastime. It's an obsession that grabs you by the nuts and doesn't let go until you become a sleep-deprived zombie with an insatiable lust for more loot. MMOs aren't just games. They're an all consuming way of life that replaces your family with guildmates, sacrifices sleep for more raiding, and leaves you hung over with blurry visions of gear upgrades. If you've experienced any of these problems, you know you've been playing a damn good MMO.

To view the rest of his review of WAR and all the interesting comments that lie within, head on over to GamesRadar.


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