DIII Art Direction Questioned, Producer Answers

Did you see the Diablo 3 trailers and think the artistry and graphics just weren't what you wanted?  So did a lot of other people, and in moments a petition was created!
The main objective of this petition is to show Blizzard that there's a significant number of players that dont agree with the current art style of the game, with this petition we hope to make Blizzard ear our voices, our opinions and our suggestions and we seriously want some changes in the artistic direction of the game so it could be more coherent and familiar with the Diablo universe.
At time of posting the petition already had 26,151 signatures, but yesterday lead producer Keith Lee talked to MTV Multiplayer and defended the decisions.

“What we also tried to do is create very clean textures so that you can really focus. It’s a stylized feel and in that sense, it’s very sort of a Blizzard philosophy. It’s just really pushing the envelope in terms of the visuals so that everyone is excited about how everything looks. We think that ‘Diablo III’ is going to be better in so many different ways. We’re just building and improving upon the the first and second ‘Diablo’ games.”

I also asked Lee about how and when the dev team will take fan feedback into account. He wouldn’t go into specifics, but said:

“We’re very involved, because everyone’s very passionate about our games. Blizzard employees, we spend a lot of time actually iterating on [the game], and so in terms of the next phase, what we’ll try to do is a proof on concept on lot of different gameplay aspects. And we really want to get as much feedback as possible so that we can improve on the game and ensure that we meet Blizzard quality for our fans and for ourselves as players.”

So whether you agree or not, it's certainly a hot topic!


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