AoC Launches Testlive Server!

Not only is AoC going down to weekly patches they've also launched their public (to subscribers) test server!
Today we are proud to announce the launch of our new Age of Conan Testlive Server. This server is open to everyone with an active Age of Conan account. If you can log onto the Live servers you will be able to log onto the Testlive server. Until today our test server has been limited to former beta testers only so we are very excited to open it publicly for all Age of Conan players!

The Testlive server will be the first place to see and experience new updates before they reach the Live servers. In addition to this you will have the opportunity to speak directly with developers and QA staff that are working on the Testlive server.

In order to streamline the testing process we will be placing out special Testlive vendors that will allow you to level up your characters to various levels. This leveling process will also give you appropriate equipment for your level. These vendors will appear on Testlive in the next few weeks.
Read on for the rest of the thread, which is only accessible for those with an active AoC subscription.
If you already have Age of Conan installed you will need to use our Testlive Duplicator Tool in order to access the Testlive Server. You can download the tool here.

Once the tool is downloaded simply run the executable. Select the Source directory (This is where you have the Live client installed) and then select the Destination directory (this is where the Testlive Client will be installed). When the tool has finished go to the destination folder and run ConanPatcher.exe

We will be launching the Testlive Forums in a few days. Please check back on this thread for a link.
We look forward to seeing you on the new Age of Conan Testlive server!

Scott 'Nophex' Junior
PQA Manager - Age of Conan


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