Oathbreaker Spoiler #3: Kaladim Sergeant!

In our final spoiler before the release of Legends of Norrath: Oathbreaker, we present to you:

Kaladim Sergeant
By Joe “Palejo” Alread, Game Designer and SOE-Denver

In Oathbreaker you’ll notice a number of cards that revolve around damaged and undamaged units. Cards like these have appeared here and there in previous sets, but in Oathbreaker they are out in full force. As a player you should be able to open up with these cards at the right times and get some powerful effects out of them. Take the Kaladim Sergeant, for example:

Initially, the sergeant will already be at 2/2/1/2 since he is undamaged. Not so hot for a 3 cost unit, but once you play him at a quest where he has some undamaged friends, you’re in business. With a couple cheap units you’ll start to reap some big rewards for this guy. Play him with a Dwarven Sentry who can soak up some damage to allow your other units to remain undamaged and live large.


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