Wonderland Online: One Dollar Control!

All of us have been leery of buying items from an ingame mall before, so if you haven't done it yet in Wonderland Online, this is your chance, and there's no excuse not to!

In return for players’ constant support as well as to offer more players the chance to experience the wonderful items in the Wonderland Online Item Mall, the Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/) team will sell the Electron Control at a huge discount from June 17th to June 23rd (GMT-5). During that period, players can buy an Electron Control for only 1 dollar (18 Item Mall points)!

Compared with the Remote Control, the Electron Control has many more advanced functions.
1.       Perfect Design—Both the character and the pet’s skills can be set.
2.       More choices—Two physical skills or magic skills can be set by default. Players can also change the skills in accordance with their requirements.
3.       More convenience—The skills for the first three bouts can be set and the assistant skills are also available. Auto controls replace human controls.

Read on to find even more reasons why the control is worth not passing up for only a buck!
4.       More safety—After battle Auto Supply can be set, which ensures players’ safety while leveling up or doing quests.

5.       More intelligent—Different skills can be set to use against different enemies, so that characters are more adaptable to changing situations.

6.       More insurance—Revival items or revival skills can be set to use at the death of their teammates. The character’s experience and the pet’s Amity will not decrease if they revive during battle.


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