Sword of the New World Celebrates OYCASNW

That's right, it's the One Year Community Anniversary for Sword of the New World (or OYCASNW).  Contests and prizes will help to celebrate this happy occasion!
Without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce the One Year Community Anniversary for Sword of the New World Event Extravaganza: Your Families Year in Review! (aka OYCASNWEE:YFYR). Starting April 14th, there will be three separate contests taking place. One winner will be chosen per contest, and all participants will receive raffle tickets!
The contests include one for Screenshots, one for Media, and one for writing, in addition to the raffle!  Read on for the details, and for information on how to enter, try this thread!
Screenshot Contest
No doubt over the year, you have collected quite a few intriguing screenshots of your escapades. Be it amazing landscapes, treacherous monsters or showing off your family, if you've taken a screenshot of it, we'd like to see it. It may earn you a prize!

Only one entry is allowed per person, so find your favorite screenshot and submit it!
Grand Prize- 5000 Gold
2 Raffle Tickets earned

"The Written Word" Contest
As the years build up, so do the memories and experiences. Take your families past year's experience, and immortalize it with pen and paper (so to speak). Short stories, poems, diary entries, biographies, you name it. If you're a warrior of words, send in your work, and you may be rewarded!

One entry per person, pick your best work!
Grand Prize- 5000 Gold
3 Raffle Tickets earned

Media Contest
What better way to cherish memories past than through a movie or song? Create a short movie, music video, machinima, song, or anything media related about your families experience from the past year. (Please note: screenshots will be moved to the Screenshot Contest. If you already have a submission in the Screenshot Contest, the submission will have to be removed )

One entry per person, choose your favorite!

Grand Prize- 5000 Gold
5 Raffle Tickets earned

Raffle tickets will be collected for another prize giveaway on top of the contests that were already held! There are a few ways to earn these raffle tickets. For each contest you participate in, you will earn more raffle tickets. Here are the number of tickets you'll be able to earn per event.

-Screenshot Contest- 2 tickets
-"Written Word" Contest - 3 tickets
-Media Contest - 5 tickets

Earning raffle tickets through the contests is not the only way to earn them though. Each Gold purchase made on Gamersfirst.com will earn you one additional ticket, with a maximum of 15 tickets available through this method.

On top of this, your first 10 raffle tickets will get you 50 Gold a piece, for a total of 500 free Gold, just for participating!

Raffle Prizes:
- One Grand prize of 1 Stat-less Archangel Wing, 5000 Gold, 1 30-Day Combat Manual 100%, 1 30-Day Tactics Manual 100%
- 4 prizes of 5000 Gold
- 16 prizes of 15 Day Archangel Wings.

Let's recap shall we?
-3 contests, 5000 gold each
-25 available total ticket entries
-Up to 500 FREE Gold just for participating!
-21 Raffle prizes (24 counting individual contests)

All submissions for the One Year Community Anniversary of Sword of the New World Event Extravaganza: Your Families Year in Review! (OYCASNWEE:YFYR) must be in by April 30th.


Winners of the contests will be announced on May 10th.
Raffle Ticket winners will have been randomly chosen and announced by May 15th.

Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!


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