Nexus Talk: Episode 69 - Free to Play

Nexus Talk Episode 69 has crash-landed, and Richie Procopio considers the ultimate taboo for any MMO: should WildStar go free-to-play? "Haberdashery," you say, "of course not." Let's listen!

Nexus Talk Episode 68: Megaservers Are Coming

Nexus Talk Episode 68 is here! This week Richie Procopio discusses Jeremy Gaffney stepping down as president and the upcoming megaservers WildStar.

Friday Update Arcade Episode 1

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's first-ever edition of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • PAX Prime Recap from ZAM
  • The Sims 4 isn't blowing minds (...yet?)
  • A new Saint's Row game, now with more Hell
  • WildStar gets a megaserver
  • ESO is hit with massive layoffs

PAX Video Coverage Mega-Drop: Day 2

Did you miss Day 1? Catch up here!

ZAM had a great weekend at PAX Prime, with Mike Bailey and Lindsay Ferguson capturing some fantastic interviews. All five videos are available below for you to enjoy!

WildStar to Launch Megaservers


In a lengthy post, Carbine Studios has detailed its plans to bring megaserver technology to Wildstar in the near future. To those not familiar with megaserver technology, it is a way of allowing a large amount of players to play on a single "megaserver" in order to increase activity and the availability of crucial game functions – such as groups for dungeons and raiding. Cougar had this to say in the post detailing the technology:

Nexus Talk: Episode 67 - Incoming Changes

Nexus Talk Episode 67 has joined the herd, as Richie Procopio sets a keen eye toward WildStar's incoming changes. It's a long one clocking in at 21 minutes, so sit back and enjoy!

Carbine Studios President Steps Down

The WildStar community was hit with a surprise yesterday when Carbine Studio's President, Jeremy Gaffney, announced that he was stepping down from his position. Citing health and family as part of his decision, he stated that he will be taking on a consulting role from now on with the company.

Nexus Talk: Episode 66

Another week is here which means another episode of Nexus Talk with Richie Procopio. WildStar's raid attunement progression is seeing some adjustments in the near future, so join Richie this week as he shares his thoughts on the upcoming changes to the attunement quest, along with his opinion on the ever-approaching rune changes that are making their way to the game. And as always, stay tuned until the end where he answers your viewer questions for the week.

Nexus Talk: Episode 65 - Raid Attunement

Nexus Talk Episode 65 has hit the dirt, and Richie Procopio digs into WildStar's Raid Attunement. His eloquently-worded mixed feelings are mostly critical – for good reason.

Take a listen to find out why!

Nexus Talk Episode 64: Endgame PvP Concerns

Nexus Talk Episode 64 is here and this week Richie Procopio has brought with him a special guest to discuss the state of WildStar's end game PvP. That's right! PvP Guru Ed Park, aka Taugrim, is here to help Richie break down some of the issues and concerns players have been running into on the road through end game PvP in WildStar and offer his input on what Carbine might be able to do to address some of these issues.

Keep in mind that this episode was recorded before the most recent Sabotage PvP update, so there are a few changes that may not have been discussed in this week's video. In any case, these gentlemen are stepping into the ring and taking off the gloves this time around, so stay tuned!