January 29, 2015

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Castaway Coif of the DivinerHighwater Leggings of CarnageHighwater Leggings of the FangHighwater Cowl of the FangHighwater Tunic of the TenderHighwater Gloves of the TenderHighwater Greaves of HavokHighwater Vambraces of HavokHighwater Helm of HavokHighwater Armwraps of the FangHighwater Boots of the TenderHighwater Boots of HavokTideworn Wristband of the FangTideworn Coat of CarnageTideworn Tunic of the FangTideworn Leggings of the FangTideworn Cowl of the FangTideworn Gloves of the FangTideworn Wristguard of the FangTideworn Sleeves of the DivinerTideworn Leggings of the UnwaveringTideworn Cowl of the UnwaveringTideworn Gloves of the UnwaveringTideworn Tunic of the TenderTideworn Wristguard of the TenderTideworn Armwraps of the FangTideworn Boots of the FangTideworn Armwraps of the UnwaveringTideworn Armwraps of the Tender

New Recipes: Castaway Coif of the DivinerTideworn Armwraps of the TenderTideworn Armwraps of the UnwaveringHighwater Armwraps of the UnwaveringHighwater Armwraps of the Unwavering

Updated Zones: Tempest Temple: Clearer SkiesKatta Castrum: Deluge: The Edge of BalanceBrother Island: The Cover of NightCaverns of Endless Song: Two Sides of the ShieldDegmar, the Lost Castle: Burden of the Past

Updated Items: Tome: Phantom Assailant Rk. IITome: Monkey's Spirit Discipline Rk. IIDark-Ringed Cape

Updated Quest: The Defense of Lendiniara

Updated Bestiary: a Gor Taku scoutA Shak Dratha Guardsmana Loda Kai poachera gor taku bruisera Loda Kai tradera gor taku buildera Gor Taku earthcallera gor taku sentryA Shak Dratha DathiarFabled HammertoothFabled Monstrous Sea TurtleFabled SwordfangMilitary Chest (hard)a shadowbone ascendantBurning BonesCommander Galenth

January 28, 2015

January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015

Here are some updates for today:

Updated Items: Sales LedgerWind-Up Music BoxFramed PaintingBlue Diamond BroochBlood-Stained ProboscisStale DelphiniumPermafrost CrystalsCrystal Embedded Discord StoneLustrous Dragorn ScalesDragorn TailDragorn Wing BonesVitrik ClawMemory OrbUkun HeartBroken Ukun LeashUkun Heart BloodNoc FleshNoc GutsPolished Noc TuskDamp Fog of the FieldVial of Pious Dragorn BloodDragorn FangRune Binding PowderScroll: Illusion: Cursed SirenBlue Diamond Gem Embedded Earthbound StoneGem of the Thaumatox ShardCrystal Embedded Earthbound StoneOrb of Delvers' OverzealGoblin SkullGoblin PartsRallosian Power GemOgre BloodOgre MeatMillik's LegMillik's HeadFine Orc ScalpFine Orc War BeadsOrc EyeFine Orc EyeElven BloodHigh Elf PartsGnome BloodGnome MeatDwarven BloodDwarf MeatFine FeathersFresh Meat

Updated Quests: Supply InterruptionArgin-Hiz #1: Burning CuriosityThaell Ew Ritual Hero's Forge Armor

Updated Bestiary: Sulon McMoora muddite minora gorge minotaura muddite elderan evil eyea chasm minotaura goblin mendicanta goblin evokera goblin priesta goblin prelateLord SviirLord SoptyvrKhrix Fritchoffa muddite recordkeepergoblin minerGreshvoulegoblin minerWarlock J`Rathhusk of Pixtt Kretv Krakxta batBloodsuckerShopkeeper MarianaShopkeeper OrosoShopkeeper TrystolShopkeeper VyvianKaevon Maeloraa scavenger magicae

January 23, 2015

The Item Collector is currently non-functional (broken by Friday morning's patch). We should have it back up and running within the next few days.

Enjoy your weekend!

New Bestiary: an enchanted goleman imperial golema bone spiked golema brackwater elementala brackwater gooa pit vipera sacrificial slavea shimmershell scaraba Shissar arcanista Shissar boneslithera temple skirmishera Shissar hydrologista Shissar sacrificera Shissar necrotheurgista Shissar reavera temple conscripta Shissar revenanta temple guarda temple patrolleran enchanted golema Shissar scalemenderan elite Doomsayeran imperial goleman ornate chest

Updated Zones: Zhisza: Leave No Stone UnturnedSilyssar: The Source of Shissar PowerSilyssar: Immortal Coils

Updated Items: Amiculua UmbraculoPicus InauremClauvi AnuliumObexa PrimiaAmiculua FortitiasFacia IngensScindioProculiasTornaciusArcus EminusAragus TacticsCarmenius FacultusNitoraFacia FatuomFaclutictusVitali ClawMenscurvauraTransfigereaLocus AnuliumDarkwater ArmguardsHighwater BracerRituals of Essence and BloodBloodletting KrisShedded Snakeskin

Updated Quests: Demiplane Tier 3: The MasterJust DessertsLeave No Stone UnturnedThe Source of Shissar PowerImmortal CoilsRaid Expedition: Burn OutTxevu Raid Event: The Gladiator Pit (Key #1)

Updated Recipe: Thaell Ew Leather Chest Ornament

Updated Bestiary: Argyn ShieldstanShissar Supervisor SslarnShissar Supervisor EnpsaShissar Supervisor Mozulla Zhisza Loyalista Blacksail briganda farmerDeicoraxiusa chest (#1a - Captain Tita`s Ghost)a chest (#2a - Praetor Vitio)

Patch Notes for January 23, 2015

Another patch this morning:

- Fixed an issue where Emblems inserted in August cultural armor were being deleted rather than removed to your cursor.
- Fixed an issue that prevented Froglok August Bounder cultural armor from accepting seals.
- Fixed an issue that prevented cultural charms from working with Froglok cultural armor.
- Fixed the Cleave IX - 42 effect on Cultural Raid Elder Chest Seals.
- All Cultural Raid Elder Seals "of the Oracle" should now decay at level 105, instead of just some of them.
- Fixed an issue where the netstat window was not being correctly toggled via its mapped hotkey (Default: F11).

- The EverQuest Team

January 22, 2015

January 21, 2015

January 20, 2015

Patch day tomorrow:

All EverQuest Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 5:00AM Pacific* in preparation for the January game update. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately three hours.

New Items: Scroll: Remote Sunflash Rk. IIIScroll: Frostweave Aura Rk. IIITideworn Wristguard of the AssassinTideworn Gauntlets of the Assassin

New Bestiary: a kobold champion

New Recipes: Scroll: Feralisenia Rk. IIScroll: Fatigue Rk. IIScroll: Elsrop's Malady Rk. IIScroll: Falhotep's Affliction Rk. IIScroll: Kriegas' Faithful Rk. IIScroll: Blezon's Recourse Rk. II

Updated Items: AduroacerDarkwater HelmFaclutictusAmiculua UmbraculoAmiculua SerpentiaUmeria NoceisUmeria FortitasAmiculua VisEyes of BlackwaterEyes of KirathasLeather RollIndium OreSpell: Legion of the Keeper Rk. IIHighwater Gloves

Updated Quests: Join NightkeepCooper #2: Excavating an AnswerJonas Dagmire's Skeletal ParrotPlane of Air Event: Avatar of WindPlane of Air Event: Avatar of SmokePlane of Air Event: Avatar of Mist

Updated Bestiary: Thermin WandereyeTaskmaster Torkazha shriekeran enthralled outcasta boglingan elder thought horrorTaskmaster KeuzozhWarden Mekuzha Shissar TaskmasterA Shissar Spiritwarda horror guarda thought horrora Shissar acolytean underbulkan undead peddlera chest (#5 - Calix Quirinus)

January 19, 2015

Here are some updates for today:

New Items: Scroll: Mindsunder Rk. IIIScroll: Daggerthorn Rk. IIIScroll: Beast's Bidding Rk. IIIScroll: Polyrefractive Rune Rk. IIIScroll: Ward of the Enticer Rk. IIIScroll: Enticer's Unity Rk. IIIScroll: Perilous Bafflement Rk. IIIScroll: Enticer's Command Rk. IIIScroll: Anodyne Stare Rk. IIIScroll: Issuance of Mana Reciprocation Rk. IIIScroll: Mana Reciprocation Aura Rk. IIIScroll: Adrenaline Torrent Rk. IIIScroll: Talisman of the Faithful Rk. IIITideworn Leggings of the AssassinTideworn Helm of Havok

New Recipes: Scroll: Voice of Premeditation Rk. IITideworn Helm of HavokTideworn Leggings of the Assassin

New Bestiary: a construct of surfa construct of watera convergence of tidea convergence of wavesan elemental constructan elemental watershapera sea dervisha Hraquis grunta Hraquis seera Regrua aggressora Regrua naturewalkera sea dredgera Kedge defendera Kedge oraclea Kedge watermancera puddle of watera sea mephit defendera sea mephit evokeran experimental Kedge arcanistan experimental Kedge championan experimental Kedge overseera brutal turtlea Regrua aggressora Regrua naturewalkera sea dredgera Hraquis grunta Hraquis seera construct of surfa construct of watera convergence of tidea convergence of wavesan elemental constructa Kedge oraclean experimental Kedge arcanistan experimental Kedge championan experimental Kedge overseer

Updated Zones: Thalassius: Coral DivingThalassius: Evidence of UnityThalassius: Sea SerpentsThalassius: The HydromancerThalassius: Locating the Statue

Updated Items: Runed Stone Worker FingerGiant BonesGiant PartsGiant BloodEarth Elemental PartsIron OxideBurnt Out Earth Elemental Animation EssenceDrop of MercuryEarth Elemental Animation EssenceBurnt Out Golem Animation EssenceGolem Animation EssenceFresh MeatWorldslayer Blessed CrystalMindshear ToothPallorax's Frozen FlameCurator's TreasureBrilliantly Pulsating Chronal ShearCrystal Embedded Discord StoneKsathrax's AmberGem Embedded Discord StoneMindshear SlimeSunshard DustTears of the RatheRough Defiant Chain SleevesOrnate Defiant Cloth SandalsOrnate Defiant Leather BracerFine FeathersRough Defiant CharmOrnate Defiant Plate GauntletsFlawed Defiant Plate BootsFlawed Defiant Plate BootsSuperb SilkFresh LarkspurPlatinum Silvered RuneCrude Animal PeltStone Tongue FragmentStone Tongue of Ateleka

Updated Quests: Shadowknight Epic: Innoruuk's CurseHardam's GoodsAiding Askr (Bastion of Thunder Access)Coral DivingFlora #1: Evidence of UnityFlora #2: Sea SerpentsFlora #3: The HydromancerCOTF Rank III Spells: Captured Essence of Ethernere

Updated Achievement: Achievement: The Endless Song (Caverns of Endless Song)

Updated Recipe: Gnomish Spirits

Updated Bestiary: an earth elementala Tae Ew fanatica majestic grizzlya restless soula disgruntled penkeepera squeaking rata swooping batPixtt FlamedirgeHistorian Finrazela sea mephitRyzok D`Tol`s RemainsPsychotic Prisoner