EQ Update #12 2016

Rare Items:

Worth the Pain?


Do you hunt for rare items?

I've done the Blued Two-handed hammer quest, my necro that moved to FV took my collection of rarities (like treant staff) with her. Of course on FV you can get super rares like the flowers of functionality in baz due to the no-drop rules (so it isn't quite the same --wish I had kept my collection on a normal server... oh well).

On Regular servers, what rare items were you pleased to have acquired?


Also, it looks like there may be some long-standing loot discrepancies in Veeshan's Peak due to revamps. Anyone that feels like hunting old dragons please report what still drops on an NPC like Xygoz vs. a newer NPC like Milyen Vioren (whom we don't even have a pic of yet).


Finally, it looks like Lucy the item collector is broken. PLEASE post in the "site feedback forum" how you feel about this. Especially you premium people... this update would have been 5x longer if the item collector was working.




Updated Items: Writhing Rubbery ShieldDamsel of Decay Cloth Feet OrnamentGreater Essence of DecayRaw Deathseeker's HelmetGlistening OilStaff of NullBlueberriesVoracityWater Lily ; Hypocricy

Updated Quests: Helm of RoTunare WardenSilk Ornate Tranquility ArmorDon't Get Boarded ; Seductive Subterfuge

Bestiary Updates: Milyex Viorena meeda hune soldiera banished efreetielementalbone skeletonVizier AlbertInnoruuk, the Prince of Hate [Plane of Hate: RevisKoth the Lobe-gorged [Plane of Fear: Revisited vera skeletal sentinelThe Maestro's Trovea deathbone sagea grimling bonecrackerXalgozMaestro of Rancor [Plane of Hate: Revisited] ; a rotting followerVenomfangThe Maestro's Trove

EQ Update #11 of 2016

Fishing Derby!



Don't be fooled by Razortooth's cute, guppy-like eyes or timid demeanor... this is a fish that deserves to be fried!

Do you have an EQ Fishing story? Share it in the comments below.


Updated Items: Minor Essence of DecayEfreeti ZweihanderDulcet NectarThe Universal CogBlack Bear HeadSealed Letter

Updated Quests: Paladin Test of CompassionGharin's Note (evil)Yellow SashZeka #2: To Climb a SpireZeka #3: Intelligence GatheringGrannus of the Cleansing Steam ; Shadowknight Test of Envenoming

Bestiary Updates: Deathfist PawnNomaria DoseniarLord Shin Reea steamwork ductworkerThe Maestro's TroveRetlon BrenclogRazortooth ; Trilexior Aeridiaa gor taku stoneguardA Shak Dratha Nightcallera dervish cutthroatPraecantor Tunderon

Today's Hotfix Notes

Roshen posted a few, very brief notes about today's Hotfix:


From the EQ Forums:

*** Hotfix ***

- Plane of Hate: Revisited and Plane of Fear: Revisited - Fixed a problem that prevented characters who had a lockout from a zone's events from re-entering the zone where those lockouts were received.
- High Bokon Boromas (Raid) - High Bokon Boromas will no longer lock his health immediately on engage.
- Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls (Raid and Group) - Removed the corpse cleanup functionality from these events in order to prevent situations where Anashti Sul's corpse can not be looted.

EQ Update #10 2016

Killer of the Reckless



Retlon Brenclog actually has 2 known quests, one of which was only just fully submitted here by Sythik.

How many other old quests are unreported? (or at least not properly cross-flagged to NPC and items?)


Also, we could really use some better pictures of Retlon,

maybe someone could pull him out of the ditch and get a nice shot?


Updated Items: Bloodforged Leather Hands OrnamentLikato FistwrapsEvensongAmulet of the EncoreMarrow's SongTallow-smeared LocketSix Note BladeRaw Deathseeker's WristguardRaw Deathseeker's GlovesMedian Essence of DecayLesser Essence of DecayCurtaincallerBloodstar PendantAncient Elddar Branch ; Peacekeeper TokenSealed LetterGnoll Hide TomeCrushbone InformationKing CardBeggarQueenKing

Bestiary Updates: Narex T`VemBrother ChintleBrother Estlea drakeOobnopterbevny Biddiletsa grimpVizat the DefiledMaestro of Rancor [Plane of Hate: Revisited]The Maestro's Trovea wyvern scent trackerBattlemaster Arginotu; Tergon BrenclogKelynnRetlon BrenclogLeraena ShelyrakSecond Fragment of IgokZenita D`RinChan WhinstoneTindo FrugrinArena Master Ferin

Updated Quests: Tergon's SpellbookTelescope LensesAviak ChicksRogue RedemptionTrumpy Irontoe

Game Update Notes - Jan. 20, 2016


Grab your coffee and sit back in your chair for a bit of a read.  Here are the rather extensive patch notes from today's update:


*** Highlights ***

- Made many fixes to The Broken Mirror (TBM) items and Phinigel raid instances. See the Items and Progression Servers sections below.
- Corrected a bug that prevented the items that advance progressive spell ranks from being awarded when you complete TBM progression achievements. If you have already completed these achievements, you will be awarded these items the next time you log on. Using any item will grant you the maximum rank you have earned.
- Corpses in Shadowrest are being removed and items will be parceled to players with some restrictions. See the Miscellaneous section below for details. 

EQ Update #9 of 2016

EQ Update #8 of 2016

We Could Be Heroes



Just For One Day



Will Lucan D'Lere ever get to prove his faith in his god? (Cross game lore suggests he is still a Paladin, despite doing "evil" things. Maybe it's time for a Seige of Freeport and Lucan to stand tall... Erollisi Marr would certainly take notice of someone that loved his people, his city above all else  --maybe she'd even tolerate some harmtouching and skelly petting to go along with some hand laying-on, after all love is blind.)


Updates continue...


New Items: Mockery of Remorse

Updated Items: Woven Skull CapWhitened Treant FistsElectrified Scythe of the Whipping WindSylvan Cloth Robe OrnamentRuned Belt of BoromasDamsel of Decay Chain Feet OrnamentDamsel of Decay Plate Legs OrnamentRaw Deathseeker's HelmetRaw Deathseeker's BootsNeglection FlayerEmblem of the CrystalwingLesser Essence of DecayGreater Essence of DecayDarkbrood Mask

New Quests: King Me!Raid Expedition: Wither and DecayRaid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Damsel of DecayRaid Expedition: Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls

Updated Quests: The TraitorTalym Shoontar's HeadGoing Postal (West Karana to Qeynos)Damp Paws (Second Trial)Postmaster's ChallengeBane of DecayLxavnom Labors

Bestiary Updates: Sir Lucan D`LereChou WhinstoneWylin DodmilLord of Loathing [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Vessel DrozlinKeeper of SoulsAnimist SimolTorin Krentara shrine bruiserTaruun GalorgSir Lucan D`Lere (undead)Jimmic AdleKhala Dun Erelka dream devourera decrepit confectionera dutiful defenderan ornate guarda serpenta forest guardiana rabbita hoofed protectora distracting daydreama vivid daydreama forest watcherThe Monstrous MinnowHigh Priest M'kari [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Kerath PunoxGrandmaster R'tal [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Master of Spite [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Mistress of Scorn [Plane of Hate: Revisited]High Bokon BoromasAnashti Sul, Damsel of Decaya blighted chesta bokon believera viscous pile of rota gangrenous grabberThe Maestro's Trove

EQ Update #7 of 2016

Forget about incomplete itemization, funny aug slots, named not spawning and so on. The O-boards are missing the point... The greatest issue with The Broken Mirror remains:


He Needs His Moustache!





*Don't forget to look up his fellow Easter egg NPC Higgins


New Items: Scroll: Copsestalker's Enrichment Rk. II

Updated Items: Spell: Markar's RelocationSpell: Tishan`s RelocationPhased Distillate of IntoleranceNatural SpicesRaw HideHill Giant Toes

Updated Quests: Curscale ShieldMarauder Armor

Bestiary Updates: Avatar of Abhorrence [Plane of Hate: Revisited]Selien Nartoisea mountain giant hillockRaffel Minnmornunkempt messengerunkempt preservera skeletonKaglariSir Elmonious Falmonta chest (Sir Elmonious Falmont)Overlord Mata MuramFellmoor PowellRelinin Skyrunneran elder flame protectorSeller of Salvaged SoulsSornita ElternAgent of Change



Good news! There's a "new item" which suggests the item collector is functioning again. (Let's hope so...)

EQ Update #6 of 2016

EQ Update #5 of 2016

Holiday's Have you Feeling Spent?





Several of the requests from the past few updates remain pending. Tarl Punox clarity of information is holding up updating several quests/zones/items for example.


Big thanks to those that are reposting info under the new NPC, quest and item entries... The Broken Mirror is starting to take proper shape. You are the heart of Zam!


Here are some site updates:


Updated Items: SoulFire OrnamentationLesser Crypt SpiritSealed Letter

Updated Quests: Illusion: IksarCrypt CrimesLost or FoundForce the Forceful

Bestiary Updates: Shintl LowbrewHollish TnoopsMaugarimgoblin adeptEvay SmitLord of Ire [Plane of Hate: Revisited]The SleepbringerOverlord Mata Muram