October 30, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Splash of EctoplasmSiren ScalesWhole Sand DollarPetrified Wood ShardMasterwork Axe ComponentsLost Light of the HouseEnchanted BristlesRing of BoneLiving DaggerBall of Baleful BileTrophy: Trophy of the SeafarerEye of FireAnimate StrawMask of SparksObservation MatrixChastity Helmet SetObservation MatrixAugust OreOld Spirespine's SpineTrophy of the SeafarerMagi-potent CrystalRecord DiskFallen Mantrap LeavesPolished GlassAugust Halfling Cultural CraftingSerpentscale BeltFlask of LiquorA History of Portal TravelPellarus FragmentRogue Elemental CoreRubbery Cephalopod ArmAlchemical Potion VialSynthesis ChamberDarkwater Soulslaver GlovesDarkwater Spiritwalker GauntletsAragus TacticsSledge of the IndagatorumAurio SilensioIncidiorexSicarria AuctusEarring of the AugustGuard of the Northern StarOs AvusExigioFurio AurioCarmenius FacultusArcus EminusPicus InauremTransfigereaVitali ClawPraetor's Ledalus StudEarring of MorbusVitai SolaciumMenscurvauraTorrential SoulstoneCultural Raid Seal CrafterDeleterious Fluctuator MechanoinstructionsImprecise Continuance MechanoinstructionsPerpetual Remediatory MechanoinstructionsSalutary Fluctuator MechanoinstructionsLars' LedgerTita's Incapacitating CinctureDarkwater GlovesElder Source of CreationFaculta PrimiaDarkwater BracerUmeria VisBestia ResponsaElemental EmbersConch of Singing SeasToken of the WavesweptViolet Conch of the TempestVocality MechanoinstructionsVenturer MechanoinstructionsPremonitional MechanoinstructionsMorpheme MechanoinstructionsPercussional MechanoinstructionsOcean's Wrath AxeCultural Arm Symbol DiagramCultural Head Symbol DiagramCultural Wrist Symbol DiagramAugust CoalCultural Foot Symbol DiagramCultural Hand Symbol DiagramCombustible MechanoinstructionsCultural Leg Symbol DiagramCultural Chest Symbol DiagramAugust Animal PeltGlyph of Glowing ExperienceCastaway GlovesSerpentil's RingStorm EmeraldAquatic FinDeep Seas PearlMetamorph Totem: AnkylosaurusAncient TreasureOf Dreams and the MindAnimal VenomBurning Kelethin PumpkinBurning Ak`Anon PumpkinBurning Cabilis PumpkinBurning Felwithe PumpkinBurning Oggok PumpkinBurning Qeynos PumpkinBurning Shar Vahl PumpkinBurning Grobb PumpkinBurning Rivervale PumpkinBurning Freeport PumpkinBurning Erudin PumpkinEverQuest PumpkinNorrath PumpkinBurning Gukta PumpkinFlaming SkullBurning Halas PumpkinBurning Neriak PumpkinBurning Crescent Reach PumpkinBurning Pumpkin PikeBurning Kaladim Pumpkin

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October 29, 2014

October 28, 2014

Happy launch day!

New Zones: Arx MentisCombine DredgeThuliasaur IslandDegmar, the Lost CastleCaverns of Endless SongBrother IslandKatta Castrum: DelugeTempest Temple

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October 27, 2014

Servers will taken offline very early tomorrow morning as The Darkened Sea launches:

All EverQuest Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 2:00 AM Pacific* in preparation for the expansion game update for The Darkened Sea. The servers are estimated to be unavailable for approximately ten hours.

The EverQuest website will also be unavailable for some period of time during this Game Update.

Here are some updates for today:

New Item: Heroic Echoing Shriek

Updated Items: Imperial Ring of OfficeGlyph of Stored ExperienceTentacle Flesh CapeBurning Sash of RoScuffed Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack

Updated Quests: Cargo ClockworkNecromancer 7th RankAdapting to the EnvironmentAdapting to the Environment IIA Rotten Heart

Updated Achievement: Achievement: Hunter of Chelsith Reborn

Updated Bestiary: a pledge familiaran initiate familiarForest Phantasma neglected tomean ethereal watchera dutiful librarianan unusual tomeSliggles the SneakIxmilsh the TerrortanglerInferno Vortex

October 23, 2014

October 22, 2014

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