EQ Updates for November 27, 2015

New Items: Medal: Life of PrestigeRelife AdornmentMidnight Marble EarringBow of HopeEnamelled BoxPitted ScytheCloth Scraps of Wither and DecayWorn Religious PamphletRing of CyclesFormula of InversionGrim MomentoFestering FusilladerRancid RebreatherMarching Orders of DecayFeinter's SpiteRaw Crypt-Hunter's CapOscillating BurnooseOscillating StoneChalice of GraceRender's Warped BuckleCrypt-Hunter's Loremaster GreavesCrypt-Hunter's Loremaster BreastplateSubtle WardCrypt-Hunter's Loremaster GauntletsCrypt-Hunter's Loremaster BracerShard of HealingCarmine SleevesCrypt-Hunter's Spiritwalker CoatCrypt-Hunter's Spiritwalker SleevesStrifetorn ShroudAnointer's PersonaCrypt-Hunter's Illuminator BreastplateCrypt-Hunter's Illuminator VambracesYoke of Suppurating MemoriesCrypt-Hunter's Soulforge ArmwrapsFestering ClarityCrypt-Hunter's Soulforge LeggingsCrypt-Hunter's Soulforge TunicLeather Scraps of Wither and DecayCrypt-Hunter's Soulrender GreavesCrypt-Hunter's Soulrender WristbandCrypt-Hunter's Soulrender GauntletsCrypt-Hunter's Soulrender BreastplateSevered SpauldersUnliving ConcoctionCrypt-Hunter's Soulrender BracerCrypt-Hunter's Soulrender VambracesTeethRecipe BookGorget of the BottomlessStar of Divine TribulationGlib Guilded GoldentorcEcho of the First SchismDemagogue's CrutchExcommunicatorCrescent of the Other SideDeadeye MatrixCatabolic EssencePeacock's Cloak

Updated Items: Polished Bone HoopMoldy Pecan PieGhoulbaneTwisted Buffering ChokerCrude Combatant's CloakRusty Shortened SpearCrude Defiant Plate VambracesIllusion Key Ring Slots (10)Large Ruby

Updated Quests: Runnyeye Warbeads (Rivervale)Silk CollectionNewbie Quest: Halfling RangerVah Shir Pottery ProgressionInto the Temple (Quellious' Request)

Bestiary Updates: Cory BumbleyeFixxin FollowigBunu StoutheartNul AleswillerXanuususRenux Herkanora frost giant eliteChomperBilbis BriarJoren Noblehearta frost giant scoutA Drakkel Blood WolfLeatherfoot Captaina goblin warriora bandita farmera rodentTrenna MarklanTindle VallerenTarl PunoxSyrina PureheartSinia WistsongShortyShirlell IsnamgamSara EggersNeelo LeafwindMoodyMontelio Danhowe Mance RandersonMagnus SelleckLyppsenfon Qeyton Lashun Novashinekieran SunweaverKamiowe OrdupHotheadHiggins HillermanGabriel CorvalisFenlu CoiFalaDabowe LesdansClara OvertonChiefBrinda WindstriderAristan Corgelda winged defendera shining stridera shining lifegivera shining guardiana radiant lifegivera radiant guardiana pridewing lancera lustrous scouta lucent presencea grand overseera gleaming lifegivera gleaming guardiana fragment of lifeAmalissa Dawntendera doubtful functionary

Zone Updates: Plane of Health

EQ The First Real Broken Mirror Update

Oxgoad said it well on the Everquest General forum (visit it!):


"Lucy started working again (presumably due to rale working behind the scenes), so hundreds of new items from the expansion have now been captured. The bulk of the new items came from muzikman, Durew [Kratos], and myself. Also, Drewie - D'Pikey, Xislaben The Rising Sun of Crimson Tempest, Wrenda, Dinkdak and Goodurden are contributing. Watch for the next new items posting, it's going to be a doozy."


And it is a big update, thanks to all of our users that contribute!


You want to help?

Post here under the items, NPC, spells, zones, and quests, submit images and/or run the item collector ("Lucy").


We've got some others doing a great job updating the older content too, for those not playing in The Broken Mirror.

We've even hit a discrepency in Halfling NPC factions that we need an assist with: it seems the Nektulos forest halflings in particular need confirmed for factions (and might as well check drops too). Easiest way to populate a short kill list is to use our "Mayor Gubbin" faction page entry for "NPC you kill to lower this faction". --This has to be fun for someone, right?

Huge list of updates after the jump (hit "read more")



EQ Updates, November 23rd, 2015

EQ Updates, November 22nd, 2015

Some TBM Updates! And Old Stuff Too!

Here's a classic quote from 2002. Context at the time was people upset that Vex Thal was so out of reach for the playerbase.

I understand how zones like this can be rather disheartening to anyone not in the "ubberest" guilds.  In a fantasy game everyone likes to view themselves as the Hero (or villian) and when there are areas that you KNOW you will never see it kinda takes some of that away.  I try to just ignore the new "ubber zones" in the luclin expansion, much as many people ignore Sleeper's Tomb from velious.  After Planes of Power is released perhaps some of these high level zones will be a bit more accessible (like many of the Kunark ones became post-velious).  Until then, set your own goals, and don't judge your own progression by the best of the best of the best... just see how close you are to *your* personal goals and be happy with the accomplishments you've made.  There's still a lot of great stuff to be gotten in zones other than vex thal and Ssra Temple.. just take a look at the Maiden's Eye equipment list.. and it's pretty easy to go through with a good group of 50+s.

-Dread Lord Zaxton

Updated Items: Gloomchain BracerGloomleather BracerGloomchain BootsSpell: Eye of TallonTattered NotePail of Slop

Updated Quests: Journal StrongboxFalmonius #1: This Can't Be Good!

Bestiary Updates: an iksar anchoritea coerced penkeeperskeletal harbingerGorul LongshanksSlavemaster Rugaa Gloomingdeep slave wardena Gloomingdeep plaguebearerRookfynnCrista Faelorin

New Zones: Crypt of SulSul Vius: Demiplane of DecaySul Vius: Demiplane of LifePlane of Health

Zone Updates: Crypt of SulSul Vius: Demiplane of DecaySul Vius: Demiplane of LifePlane of Health



*The new "continent" for The Broken Mirror doesn't exist yet in the Zam database, so the new zones (that have been added to the website so far) had to be flagged as "other" in respects to expansion. We are aware that this is not all of the new zones, but at least it's a start.

EQ Updates, November 19th, 2015

Quick update before they expire from the queue:


Bestiary Updates: Velketor the SorcererLord Doljonijiarnimorinar


EQ Updates, November 15th, 2015

"All we need is that lazy brownie to climb up

and we can reach that elusive Faydark apple" -Bin Fiddlekins


Screenshot by KC13


Those feeling adventurous, we could use faction updates for many of the NPC in Lesser Faydark, including the ones most people wouldn't normally want to kill.



Updated Items: Sunshard PebbleElemental CoreNatural Core

Updated Quests: Orange Sash of OrderLightbringers Job

Bestiary Updates: Geoard BluehawkSlansinToala NehronCain DarkmooreHigh Shaman GrisokTovax VmarRenux HerkanorCommander YarikAderius Rhenara crusaderLily Ashwooda Spiroc HarvesterJracsza the FeralAlerynril the Loyal [Loyalists of Everquest]Ladric the FancyCappi McTarnigalTovax Vmar pet



Edit: Putting the November 17th updates in as an edit so as to not bump down Aikan's news posting about the downtime preceeding the Expansion launch.

Updated Items: Abirt's VerseRune of Scale

Updated Quests: Ogre HeadsLoyalty

Bestiary Updates: orc oraclea shadowed manorc legionnairea fae drake hatchlinga faerie maidena faerie guarda saltwater croca pixie prankstera fae drakea monarch fae drakeShayla NybrightJayla NybrightKayla NybrightCognoggina faerieSaben TucrossBryn FynndelCylas DelbrinFaril ElvebrynGalwyn GeldinGlyndur TindelGundel ElorionMywyn TinendelSarawyn AmorfinVynn ThrildurBin Fiddlekinsan emperor fae drakea banditorc centuriona faerie royal guardLord Inquisitor Seru

EQ Updates, November 12th, 2015

Calling the Paparazzi!

Norrath needs some Glam Photos...


This great shot of King Itkari has the especially nice feature of an edited-into-the-image map. It was uploaded by Railus (not sure who did the editing work if it wasn't Railus). Many of the named screenshots in the bestiary from Rain of Fear era and newer have this nice addition (the map).

If you have the interest and ability, it would be great to get such shots of older named throughout the game!

Note: one flaw in the map idea (and King Itkari is the perfect example of this) is if the named spawn location is not a single place but was originally thought to be so the map we have might be out of date... for example this npc now has 2 known spawn /locs. So we may need some modern updates as well for those not interested in lower level content.


At the same time, we don't have nice shots of many of these modern named without the map. It's nice to have both options, as this ancient pic of Brother Estle shows. Sometimes we want to do things with a pic where a map being in the shot isn't helpful at all. It's also nice to have old model/new model versions when applicable.




As well, here's some updates for today:


New Items: Legend of the Storm Break

Updated Items: Infused Dark MatterRaw Infused Dark MatterRaw Dark MatterWayfarer Gauze PressVibrating Gauntlets of InfuseLava Drake Hide SleevesGloomiron HelmSpell: Mesmerize

New Quests: GoD Tinkering Collect: Assist Tialechaety

Updated Quests: Merona's BrotherHoly Armor ScrollStormhealers Final FavorLightbringers JobGoD Jewelcraft Collect: Help RilwindGoD Freebie Tailoring: Tonlyei's ChoresGoD Freebie Tinkering: Help SkelontorimGoD Refine Raw GoD MaterialsGoD Freebie Pottery: Help MalkidivGoD Smithing Collect: Esunta's Tasks

Bestiary Updates: HojoGuard Stalda Splitpaw gnollShaman Ren`RexNeclo RheslarVenril SathirA Rock GolemTialechaety Orrthemech [Tinkering Supplies]Poxa Sarith tidal guardianBasher Alga [Hotbars]Tsaph Katta


Update Note: there is some confusion with the Gates of Discord tradeskill quests (freebies for skill points, and collects for materials unlocks) as they were all held under the umbrella of "GoD Refine Raw GoD Materials" but some have their own entries and some still don't today. At this point we might as well try and give them all their own entries, but we also need to verify that all the quests are accurate for materials and such.

EQ Updates, November 11th, 2015

Everquest Updates for November 8th, 2015

Remember that old flame?

Maybe you should go see her (or him) again, after all what harm could it do?




[This is actually a test to see if I can successfully post an image in an update, figured it might as well be a memorable NPC. A big thank you to all those who have been uploading EQ images, there was a bit of a backlog and I think it is up to date now.]


And some updates:

Updated Items: Lesser Briny EssenceWayfarer Signal FlareScrap of Dark MatterWayfarer Gauze PressIndium OreConcentrated Grade B Gormar VenomDrakkin Steel LongswordSunshard PebbleEarpoint CreamWords of Abatement  ; Lesser Briny Essence

Updated Quests: Totemic VambracesNote for KonemThe PackageErrand for TonmerkFleshy OrbsBrother TrintleLeuz's Task

Bestiary Updates: Lempeck HargrinWarden AkiikiWarden RunihuraWarden UbaidSentry Sudia sea naga evokerSir BronthasSylia WindlehandsMootoSister of Erollisia strange skeletonThelasa EselrenThado PennLunya [Auras]Cordelia MinsterElana harbinger of flame ; a sea naga evokerLunya [Auras]

EQ Updates, November 6th, 2015

We're getting reports of broken recipes on some older cultural armor recipes, specifically the Fine Seafarer's that was originally a human-made set a few other races could equip. If you have knowledge of the making of this armor (and other races' comparable sets) and/or a willingness to try recipes out please post under the respective items and verify they can be still be made (or if you can point to a patch where they were all removed from the game or given new recipes).


Updated Items: Fine Seafarer's BootsArrowLongbowSmall Clockwork CatVial of Gooey Black GelFamiliar of the Kobold KingPing's Palliative Potion PackFamiliar of the Runebound GoblinNimbus of Discordant SoulsNimbus of Mata MuramVisage of the Primal KerranFamiliar of the Hooded ScrykinSong: Arcane Hymn Rk. IIIJack O' Lantern Head Ornament

Updated Quests: The PackageEnchanter Spells (Good Version)Return Skalmarg's War Banner to the WraithguardReturn Firgant's Copper Ring to the WraithguardsReturn Thontik's Blade to the WraithguardsAshengate East Event: Griffon Master Ayna'RymReturn Aerigin's Cloak to the Wraithguards

Bestiary Updates: Coloth MeadowgreenSeverilousa large cave recluse