Snag Some GUNNARS in the LolKing Promotion

LolKing has teamed up with GUNNAR to bring its gaming eyewear to the community. Several popular guide writers are already enjoying new pairs of GUNNAR glasses and are providing their feedback, which you can check out on the LolKing GUNNAR review page.

League of Legends Videos Released by Riot

With two videos in two days from Riot Games, we decide to pair these videos for a single post. The first video is a Champion Spotlight covering Garen, the Might of Demacia. It's technically the second spotlight for Garen, but the new video is presented much better – and already has the same number of views at ~2 million.

League of Legends World Championship: Oct. 4th

Spoilers below regarding the final two teams of the World Championship.

Even split five ways, one million dollars is life-changing.

That's the grand prize of Friday's main event, the grand finals of the 2013 League of Legends World Championship. Fighting for pride and a hefty prize, the best-of-five series is guaranteed to be a good show. Whether you're one of the 11,000 at the Staples Center, or among the massive online crowd, the actions begins at 8PM PDT / 11PM EDT on October 4th. The two finalists are...

League World Championships Viewing Parties!

First we had BarCrafts (StarCraft), then we had Pubstomps (DotA) and now we have Viewing Parties… which I guess is a more family friendly name? They need to work on the naming of that, but who cares. Why sit at home watching when you can meet local gamers and watch together? Careful though, it might not be a good idea inviting the world to your house.

League World Championships: Who Will Rise?

With the League World Championships set to kick-off tomorrow night (09/15), the first game between GamingGear. EU and NA favourites Team SoloMid, Riot has released their World Championships trailer: Who will rise?

LoLKing Announces GUNNAR Review Program

League of Legends: "Teamwork OP" Video

It's no secret that the League of Legends community can be a bit "fierce" at times. And by fierce I don't mean model walking down the runway "fierce". More like a pack of wolves praying on a little lamb "fierce". While there are moments of greatness that come from this particular community of players, we've all been in those games where you, or someone else, gets flamed hard for making a mistake. Whether you missed an ability, lost your lane, accidentally fed the enemy team or whatever other scenario you can think of, we've all had that team at one time or another that forgets the meaning of the word "teamwork" and starts treating one another as the enemy.

To help address this on-going issue, Riot has released a video that will hopefully encourage players to stop bickering amongst each other and start working together to win more games. The company's latest "Teamwork OP" video breaks down the statistics and shows players exactly what it takes to win more games--as well as lose them.

LolKing: The Inner League featuring ZionSpartan

Our sister site LolKing has released the latest episode of The Inner League -- a look at the innards of the competitive League of Legends community, one star at a time, hosted by the inquisitive Matt Demers

Last episode Matt spoke with NK Inc of team Velocity eSports, one of the teams who didn't make the cut this League Championship season, this episode he catches up with the second team who lost out, Team Coast and ZionSpartan

Riot: The eSports Watershed

ESports has come a long way in the past couple of years, with tournaments and seasons becoming a core part of gaming culture. For the incredibly popular League of Legends, that change hasn’t come about by accident. I caught up with Dustin Beck, VP of eSports, to discuss how Riot Games had reached this point, and how it would continue to grow.

Beck himself is an eSports fanatic; when we met at Gamescom he was avidly watching the international wildcard tournament, with the winning team clinching a spot in the League Championship Series (LCS) Season 3 World Championship. The European playoffs and Season 4 qualifiers later that week were a huge deal for fans in Cologne, with an enthusiastic audience dominating most of Hall 8

Preview: LCS North American Regionals PAX

With the sea of fans at Gamescom and the EU Regionals behind us, we look forward to PAX Prime at the League of Legends North American Regionals. Six teams will compete for the three North American spots in the World Championships next month at the sold out Staples Center.