League of Legends: Patch 4.16

League of Legends Patch 4.16 is here, and with it comes a new chapter in the ever-evolving story of Runeterra. Get ready to uncover the secrets—and dangers—of the long-forgotten empire of Shurima.

League of Legends: A New Dawn Cinematic

Today Riot released another explosively epic trailer depicting champions duking it out in the fields of League of Legends. As per usual for the game's cinematic trailers, you get to see some of your favorite characters tossing around signature abilities and going toe-to-toe with one another until only one side is left standing. While this trailer actually upped the "violence meter" just a tad by adding blood to a few of the action-sequences, there are a few things that haven't changed.

Yeah, Leona is still really hard to kill.

League of Legends: Unused Skin Codes Invalidated

In a bold move, Riot Games has marked all unredeemed skin codes as invalid. As expected, this will have a significant and lasting effect on the variety of League of Legends skin shops out there. If you've got a valid, legitimately-acquired code that's unredeemed, you can contact support to sort things out.

Community Coordinator Riot Draggles took to the forum and laid it out clear:

League of Legends: Summoner's Rift Preview

Yesterday, Riot Games released a five-minute video showcasing changes to League of Legends' Summoner's Rift map. In brief they include:

Dota 2: New "Fantasy Dota"

"Fantasy Dota is a game that you can play with up to nine of your friends, where each of you forms teams made up of pro players to compete against each other, earning points for your team based on how each of your pro players performs in tournament matches."

Valve introduced and tested this out back in February, and now it’s ready for action. Starting on May 19th, Season 1 of Fantasy Dota runs for 70 days until July 28th. If you have a Fantasy Ticket from the The International Compendium, you can start drafting your fantasy teams now.

ESGNTV: "Fight Night" Goes Legendary

Five streamers. Five fans. Six crazy episodes.

ESGNTV LoL Infographic

Online channel ESGNTV continues to push the eSports envelope. Starting tomorrow (the 24th) at 3PM Eastern, ESGNTV's Fight Night brings League of Legends into their mix. The initial six-episode series will feature five popular streamers: PhantomL0rd, Chaox, Dinglederper, MaximusBlack and The Rain Man.

League of Legends Team Builder Goes Live

Tired of practicing a lane in League of Legends bot matches, just to queue up with a group and not get your desired role? Trust me, we've all been there when solo-queuing and not getting your lane can often times be more upsetting than losing a match entirely. Luckily, Riot has responded to the community's cries and has introduced a new feature that helps you claim the role you want and join, or build, the perfect team for you.

Introducing the latest feature to land in the game: "Team Builder".

New Site Feature: LolKing Summoner Leaderboards

The LolKing team is excited to announce the launch of LolKing leaderboards! Our newest feature allows you to see where any summoner on any region ranks in the their respective region. In particular, our leaderboards show you:

IEM World Championship in Poland

The Intel Extreme Masters tournament series kicks off an exciting, mass tournament for its Season 8 finale, with StarCraft II and League of Legends teams battling it out.

League of Legends Champion Spotlight: Vel'Koz

Vel'Koz, a ferocious new mid-laner is about to make first contact in League of Legends. To pay tribute to this envoy from the void, Riot has conjured up another Champion Spotlight in order to help players harness the power of this deadly mage.

Keep your eye on the battlefield with this creature around, because he's got his own eye on you!