EQII: Unscheduled Downtime

EverQuest II servers are down for an emergency hotfix. According to Holly "Windstalker" Longdale, it's "because a designer broke...uh...death... ."

Here's the update notes:

F.S. Distillery: The Rum Cellar [solo]

  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally happen in the rum cellar solo zone.
  • The radius in which some of the guards will see you along the Rum Run and near Kildiun before sending you to jail has been slightly reduced.
  • Portia Rumuffin should no longer be stuck with her secret recipe buff.

F.S. Distillery: Distill or Be Killed [Heroic]

  • Any party members still within the sugarcane press will be freed upon defeating Yipnik.


  • The Fishbone Earring's water breathing effect is no longer removed upon zoning, relogging, or death.

Downtime - Wednesday, April 29, 2015

US live servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 7am PDT for an update. EU servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 9pm PDT (5am London Time) for an update. Expected downtime for both sets of servers is one hour.

Here are the update notes:

F.S. Distillery: The Rum Cellar [solo]

  • The zone entry warning message will now only show for players that do not have the "Exchange of Favors" quest.


  • Rumsoaked Cloth Sandles is now spelled correctly.


  • Drink is the Key - The sign text on the steam valves now identify that the proper tool must be equipped.
  • Drowning in Drink - Quest now rewards "Jaestern's Prestige Reserve" or "Busted Far Seas Crate" house item each time.
  • Drowning in Drink - "Lift Key" has been renamed "Fermentation Tank Lift Key".

Rum Cellar Downtime - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Players will NOT be able to play this campaign until after this patch has completed, even if they purchase the campaign prior to this maintenance.

US and EU servers, as well as the EQ2 website, will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7am PT (~3pm London Time) for the Rum Cellar campaign patch. Estimated downtime for both sets of servers is approximately three hours.

For more details about Rum Cellar and to help contribute to its guides, check out our wiki page. Patch notes are now available after the jump.

Daybreak Unveils New Site and Logo

Daybreak Game Company finally unveiled their revamped website and logo after months of waiting. The new logo features the eye of an owl who appears to be glaring at the rising sun. As for the website, www.daybreakgames.com is finally active and has received a makeover. The top part has jumbo-sized features while the bottom allows you to navigate between their different posts and social media feeds. Also of note: Station Cash is now called "Daybreak Cash" on the new site (it's just renamed; your balances remain the same).

What do you think of the new logo and website? Check after the jump for more info on celebration livestreams and in-game bonuses happening this week. UPDATE: A letter from Smed to the community is also below the jump.

Daybreak Maintenance: Monday, April 27, 2015

Daybreak Games will perform a general maintenance beginning at 7:00AM PDT on Monday, April 27th. The current estimated downtime for this maintenance is three to five hours, depending on the service.

This maintenance may impact the following Daybreak services across all games:

  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Game logins
  • Web logins for all Daybreak sites, including account creation
  • Forum access (login, posting, and viewing abilities) for all Daybreak games.

Here's our handy Time Zone Conversion Tool to help you plan.

Rum Cellar Launch Details Revealed

The first campaign of Daybreak Games' new DLC strategy for EverQuest II is scheduled to launch on Monday, April 28, 2015. Here's the nitty gritty on the campaign's cost and contents.

Rum Cellar is available as a stand-alone purchase for $14.99. And, since this new distillery-themed environment is full of Level 100+ content is connected to Altar of Malice (EQ2’s most recent expansion, which is required to play the Rum Cellar campaign), you can also purchase Rum Cellar bundled the campaign with the expansion: $49.99 for Rum Cellar + Altar of Malice, or $94.99 for Rum Cellar + Altar of Malice Collector’s Edition.

The campaign's features include:

  • 2 Solo Zones (1 Solo and 1 Advanced Solo)
  • 3 Heroic Zones (1 Heroic, 1 Event Heroic, 1 Event Heroic-Challenge)
  • Raid Zone with 10 Bosses
  • Lots of Loot, including drops of a Rare Elite Mercenary and a Zeppelin Mount
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • New Gems for Armor
  • New Collections
  • Merchant who accepts Far Sea Ferrin (who also sells a Zeppelin Mount!)

If you want to check out Rum Cellar early, you can hop onto the Beta server and help test!

EverQuest II Downtime, Tuesday, April 20, 2015

UPDATE:  Apparently the login servers are having some issues

We are aware of the issue that is preventing players from connecting to the login servers after this mornings hotfix, and we are currently working to resolve it as swiftly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your patience.

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately one hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 9:00PM PDT for an update. (Approx. 5:00AM London Time on April 22, 2015). Estimated downtime is one hour.

Here's the update notes:

BrokenskullBay: Fury of the Cursed [Raid]
Corrected an issue in the Captain Krasnok encounter that allowed the Spirit of Gluttony to be killed when it shouldn't be.

SsraeshzaTemple: Echoes of Time [Raid]
Each of the Grimling bosses should no longer cast curses on players if they have been killed.

The Ssraeshza Sword Sentinel house item can now once again be scaled up to its previous maximum size. The default scale remains small enough to fit inside a room.

Moonlight Enchantments Have Begun!

The monthly live event Moonlight Enchantments started overnight! The grottos opened on the 20th at 12:01am PDT and will close on the 21st at 11:59pm PDT. Check out our Moonlight Enchantments guide and peek at the rewards!

Downtime - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Permafrost Server will have an extensive 11-12 hour downtime beginning at 3:30am PT on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 for server migration and maintenance..

All US live servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 7am PDT for an update. EU servers will be brought offline at 9pm PDT (5am London Time on April 15th) for the same update. Estimated downtime for both sets of servers is one hour.

Here are the patch notes:


  • Turtle Shell Buckler and Turtle Shell Mageshield recipes will now correctly accept rough agate.


  • Elemental essence infused Dagger of the Ancient Assassin is now correctly named Brokenskull Captain's Shortspear, and has had its damage rating corrected.
  • The scale of the Ssraeshza Sword Sentinel house item has been reduced.
  • Prospective fix to prevent Hemotoxin from applying damage twice in the same activation.

Lead Designer's Letter: Kander's Candor

Lead Designer Kyle “Kander” Vallée posted on the official forums to "expand on the information about the Rum Cellar Campaign as well as give some hints about what we have in store for the future." In it he discusses the drops to be expected in the Rum Cellar Campaign, and quality-of-life improvements to Scouts, Fighters and Summoners.

You can read the entire letter below, or join the discussion on the official forums.