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Gamasutra's 2014 Game Dev Salary Survey Results

We love games. Developers make games. We love developers.

Are the people making the games we love getting fair wages for fair work? Every year, Gamasutra investigates the topic. This year's 8-page report summarizes their findings, the result of "4,000 unique responses worldwide." Here's what they found:

General News Reveals Gamescom Lineup will be at Gamescom this year and plans to showcase new content and gameplay features for World of Speed, Armored Warfare and Skyforge.

General News
ArcheAge Beta 2 Kicks Off July 30th

Couldn't get enough of ArcheAge's recent closed beta, or didn't get an invite? You'll have another chance with Beta 2, dubbed "Setting Sail", which will run from 10am PT on Wednesday, July 30th through 10am PT on Monday, August 4th.

Final Fantasy XI
Double Capacity Point & Double Simulacra Campaign!

 Two new campaigns will be making their way to Vana'diel in the new future, and the name of the game is double! On July 31st, a new Double Capacity Points and Double Simulacra Segment Campaign will begin, running through to August 3rd and August 11th, respectively. During the Double Capacity Points campaign, monsters will yield twice the amount of capacity points they normally would, allowing for quicker job point upgrades, while the Sumulacra Campaign will double the drop rate on segments obtained in various reives in Adoulin!

Excited for these two campaigns? Share your thoughts over on the ZAM forums!

General News
Why The International Matters


The world’s largest eSports tournament ever, The International, just concluded on July 21st. It was a spectacle on many levels; whether it be a sold out arena, the massive prize pool, or the level of competition, the tournament was truly massive and an achievement in many different ways. With the dust finally settled a single question has arisen: why does this tournament matter? The unpacking of this question is simple, but it also speaks volumes about the gaming community as a whole.

General News
The Crew: A Closed Beta Hands-On Story

This week, The Crew went into a short 5-day Closed Beta: started Monday, ending Friday. We've had a chance to run through The Crew coast-to-coast, and want to give you an idea what to expect with the full game on November 11th.

EVE Online
EVE Online Launches Crius Content Update

EVE Online received its largest industry update to-date with yesterday's launch of Crius. CCP's focus was not only on adding new features, but also on making better interfaces, usability and more oppotunities for those aspiring to succeed in the industrial sector.