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Final Fantasy XIV
FFXIV Patch 2.4 Trailer: Dreams of Ice

Square Enix has released the Patch 2.4: Dreams of Ice trailer, which features:

  • A showdown against Shiva in the Akh Afah Amphitheatre
  • The new Rogue and Ninja classes
  • New recipes and dungeons
  • The Final Coil of Bahamut

Evolve: Savage Goliath Trailer

Evolve's Big Alpha is quickly approaching so 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios have left us this tantalizing teaser of the pre-order bonus Savage Goliath skin.

Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm: Azmodan

Heroes of the Storm is getting a visit from none other than the Lord of Sin himself. Diablo III's Azmodan has joined the ranks to battle it out on the Nexus, and he's got an endless army of demons to help him reign over the battlefield.

Save on Station Cash at GameStop!

Sony Online Entertainment and GameStop have teamed up to save you some bucks on Station Cash!

Receive $5 off when you purchase any of the SOE pre-paid game cards at GameStop, valid October 13th - October 28th, 2014. This promotion is valid at US GameStop locations only.

While some snafus were initially reported with this promotion, SOE has posted that they've been resolved, and we were able to receive this discount when purchasing cards today.

DC Universe Online
DCUO "War of the Light" Saga Continues

Slated for a release on the PC, PS3 and PS4 later this year, War of the Light Part II will be DC Universe Online's 12th DLC pack. In this continuation of the War of the Light saga, Green Lantern Hal Jordan unites with his rival Sinestro, as the two must set aside their differences to save the Emotional Spectrum.

General News
Mastertronic Announces The Weaponographist

Indie developer Puuba and British publisher Mastertronic have announced that they are joining forces once again to create The Weaponographist. The new dungeon crawler is slated for a Summer 2015 release on the PC and Mac.

General News
Play 10 Games in Steam's Free Weekend

Looking for something fun and free to round off your week? Hop onto Steam starting at 10am PT/1pm ET today (Thursday, October 16th) and check out 10 quality games during a free play weekend! The titles include: