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Final Fantasy XI
Job Points Additions and Adjustments

 During the March version update of Final Fantasy XIV, a new job points system was implemented for players to further customize and power up their characters. In the upcoming May version update, this new system will see several additions and adjustments made. Two new categories of upgrades will be implemented per job, with more slated for later version updates.

 To help alleviate some of the difficulty of obtaining capacity points, a new chain bonus will be implemented to increase yields awarded to players with successive kills, as well as increasing the base yields of monsters above a certain level. Lastly, changes will be made to monster capacity point yields in the Cirdas Caverns [U], Rala Waterways [U], Yorcia Weald [U], and Ra'Kaznar [U] areas.

Excited for these Job Point changes? Let us know how you feel about these adjustments over on the ZAM forums!

EverQuest II
Moonlight Enchantments Start Tonight!

The monthly live event Moonlight Enchantments starts tonight! The grottos will open on the 20th at 12:01am PT and close on the 21st at 11:59pm PT. The time applies directly with no conversion to all servers. Check out our Moonlight Enchantments guide and peek at the rewards!

EverQuest Next Landmark
Your Next: Do It Like EverQuest

I know that I'm meant to be talking about EverQuest Next and Landmark, and we'll get to them shortly, but there are a couple more stops to go on the H1Z1 train before we get there. After an inaugural livestream plagued by tech issues, but showing potential, SOE President John Smedley headed once again to Reddit to float a new idea.

Many developers seem to enjoy the semi-structured feedback they can get from the Reddit boards, and Mr. Smedley seems to love it. He's a big ideas man, after all, and they don't come much bigger than this.

Since H1Z1 works with an MMO server architecture it will work a little differently to other games in the genre—with a huge persistent world holding thousands of players and no server resets, the game will operate more like an MMO and less like a large shooter map. This could end up being one of the major selling points for the game, but one drawback of the system is the lack of player run servers with their own rules and personalities.

This is where the big idea comes in. Mr. Smedley wants player communities to be able to define the theme and ruleset for their own server. With enough active support from the community we could see those PVE 'carebear' servers that are continually slammed on the DayZ subreddit, or stricter grouping and faction rules designed to let players know who is really friendly.

Now, I understand completely why players want these kinds of rulesets for the Apocalypse Survival genre, but I would bet my last tin of beans they would be a colossal failure.

Players want these kinds of servers because they're sick of KoS, they want to band together with other people to survive the harsh new world and community is what makes persistent online games great. Ultimately though, the fact is it is these hardships and obstacles that make the genre great. If you don't like it, maybe you just don't like the genre. If it wasn't for the intense paranoia and tales of what happens when two people met in the game, DayZ would never have got the recognition it has, and the genre may never have existed at all.

I could be totally wrong of course; as all gaming experiences are subjective I could be in the minority in thinking that DayZ on an empty server feels like eating dry toast when you aren't hungry, or that playing Minecraft on peaceful difficulty feels like spending a sunny afternoon making confetti with a hole punch.

Neverwinter: "Curse of Icewind Dale"

Black Ice: Powerful. Valuable. Cursed.

Perfect World expands the world of Neverwinter once more with its third free content expansion, Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale. Going live on May 13th, Curse of Icewind Dale gives you a chance to explore the mystery behind the terrifying treasure. Module 3 features two new adventure zones, open world PvP, Black Ice harvesting, and a whole ton more.

General News
H1Z1: 40+ Minutes of Gameplay

Are you a passenger on the H1Z1 hype train? If so, you've probably seen all the recent news. Hopefully what you haven't seen is the Sony Online Entertainment livestream, with over 40 minutes of gameplay. Now, mind you, the footage isn't especially exciting...but it's a solid first look.

Age of Wushu
Age of Wushu: Dynamic Weather Preview

Age of Wushu has unveiled a new feature in its upcoming Tempest of Strife expansion: Dynamic Weather. Sand, rain, snow, fog, an eclipse and more will have impact on the world and can trigger a variety of events.

Final Fantasy XI
February - April Version Update Survey

Wishing you could let Square Enix know how you felt about the major updates to hit Final Fantasy XI in the past few months? Did you really enjoy the new Skirmish and Delve content, or not like the job points system? Now's your chance to be heard! From April 18th through April 25th, a survey covering various aspects of the past few updates will be available to those wanting to share their opinions on this new content.

Want to further share your opinions on the content released these past few months? Let us know all about it over on the ZAM forums!