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EverQuest Next
Your Next: What's an MMOBA?

The MMORPG genre is no spring chicken, and it’s certainly not the darling of PC gaming anymore. The past ten years have seen advances in online gaming that we couldn’t have imagined in the 90s, and it’s a testament to the quality of games like EverQuest and Ultima Online that have stood the test of time and maintained loyal player bases to this day.

When I start with a paragraph like that, you know I’m going to be talking about something that will upset some of the old school. Such is the unfortunate reality of progress, some people like things just the way they are.

While it’s great to look at what came before for inspiration and guidance, if all we do is retread old ground we’ll never discover anything new; there are those who clamor for change while stifling any deviation from established conventions. The worst part is that sometimes we can’t separate what we have liked before, from what is the best fit for now.

Last week I noted a few of the ways Magic the Gathering is influencing the systems of EverQuest Next and Landmark, this week I wanted to talk about another influence: the MOBA genre.

The Darkened Sea: Feature & Zone Preview

The Darkened Sea is set to officially launch on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 (with an early release exclusive to All Access members on Tuesday, October 28, 2014).

Here, we have a rundown of what's to come, along with a look at each new zone.


Firiona Vie and friends are back (you might remember them from the events in Al'Kabor's Nightmare). The city of Katta Castrum is in dire straits, and our old nemesis, Lanys T`Vyl, is up to no good, having acquired the services of some new faces to help stir up problems... 14 (+2) quests and nine missions will see you through from beginning to end (numerous non-progression/storyline quests emanate out of each zone as well).

Locked Zones & Progression

Of the eight zones, six of them are locked behind progression. The two Tier 1 zones (Tempest Temple and Katta Castrum: Deluge) are open. The two Tier 2 zones (Brother Island and the Caverns of Endless Song) are unlocked together. And the four Tier 3 zones are unlocked one at a time in the order of Degmar, the Lost Castle; Thuliasaur Island; Combine Dredge; and Arx Mentis.

(More below the jump.)

General News
Film Friday: Seven New Trailers

It's Friday.. again?! Good thing we have seven more trailers for you to kick back and enjoy!

General News
Friday Update Arcade: Episode 8

Lindsay "geektr0n" Ferguson hosts ZAM's latest installment of Friday Update Arcade! Topics discussed are:

  • Death threats a bad idea
  • LoL WCS finals have ended
  • Metallica to play at BlizzCon
  • Far Cry 4 season pass details
  • Windows Live ends soon!
  • OMG! Age of Ultron

Final Fantasy XI
Announcing the November Version Update!

 Square Enix has announced the next major version update for Final Fantasy XI, scheduled for an early November release! On center stage for this upcoming content is the implementation of the final installment of the Seekers of Adoulin story, wrapping up all the mystery and intrigue surrounding the Sacred City with a truly explosive finish! Job adjustments, changes to Monster Rearing, linkpearl distribution adjustments, and the new Unity Concord system will round out the various changes planned!

Looking forward to this new version update? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

Final Fantasy XI
Announcing the Double Capacity Point Campaign!

 Have you been neglecting your capacity points for your favorite job? Or have you picked up a brand new job and are now in need of upgrading it quickly? You're in luck, for Square Enix has announced the return of the Double Capacity Points Campaign! From October 27th through to Nocember 4th, defeating monsters will yield twice the capacity points they normally would. So brush off your magic tomes and sharpen your weapons, and prepare to do battle once again!

Excited for this latest campaign? Let us know over on the ZAM forums!

TERA: Fate of Arun Expansion Announced

Two years after the North American release of TERA it will finally receive its first expansion, Fate of Arun. The continent of Northern Arun, under siege by a soul-sucking bloodmage army, will open up to players. Discovering the home city of the Barakan, fight against a new evil force, enjoy a new storyline and many other features.