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Have you ever wanted to play a certain MMORPG, only to feel like you would be too far behind to really catch up to the game's veterans? Well, now might be your chance to finally delve into ROSE Online, as Gravity Interactive (the creators of Ragnarok Online!) has just announced that they will be releasing a brand new server, titled "Draconis," for all players, old and new, to play on! In this way, players will have the opportunity to choose between playing on Leonis, ROSE Online's original server and home to many aged ROSE Online veterans, or on Draconis, where everyone will be starting over.

Of course, it should be known that both worlds will experience the same game play and EXP rates, so there won't be any real significant advantages to re-rolling on Draconis, aside from the knowledge that the playing field will finally be equalized. So if that sounds like something that you'd be interested in, head on over to the ROSE Online website and sign up now!

Fans of ROSE Online are in for a treat, as Gravity, developers of the MMO, just launched ROSE's next expansion by the name of "Orlo." With this new expansion comes new monsters, regions, items, skills and increased level caps along with the brand new planet of Orlo.

Specifically, the team notes that Orlo's expansion comes with an "entirely new" combat system that was specifically created for the community based upon their feedback. In addition to this, the Orlo Expansion also comes with a new "fate" system that will allow users to make critical decisions that will affect their future and their Gods' future.

Mike Lansing, Executive Director of Gravity Interactive, notes that “The ROSE Online development team has worked really hard on this expansion. Not only does this expansion provide users with a huge amount of new content but it also provided us the opportunity to make major upgrades to the game and enhance the overall user experience.”

So happy hunting on the planet of Orlo, ROSE Online players!

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