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Disney has added a bunch of new features to Pirates of the Caribbean Online, including raising the notoriety level cap to 50. Players will now gain more experience when defeating enemies to help them reach the new cap.

In addition to the level cap increase, the weapon reputation level has been bumped up to 30 and new cave environments have been added that are filled with new high-level enemies. Also, ships now sail faster and no longer lose speed when turning.

The newest developer's diary entry gives players on update on the state of the Caribbean. The first half of the entry focuses on improvements the team has made to the game in response to player feedback, such as ones regarding performance issues. The team has redesigned the major islands and changed the graphics for avatars in an attempt to have the game run better on more computers, and the developers have changed quests lines, added new tutorial hints and added the Stowaway feature as another transportation option.

As for what's coming in the future, the diary entry states we'll an increase in the level and gold caps, the addition of higher level enemies in new cave environments, and new storylines and quests. These changes will hopefully be implemented by the end of summer. Starting this month, new quests and GM-hosted events will be added to introduce the changes.

You can read the full entry below.

About a week ago, the ability to become a stowaway on ships as a means of travel was implemented in Pirates of the Caribbean Online. Well, the team has updated its player's guide with information on how to sneak yourself onto a ship.

To become a stowaway, simply request passage from a Dock Worker on one of the main islands of Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego or Cuba. You'll have to pay some gold, but you'll be crated up as cargo and sent on your way!

In order to help fans kick-off their summer, the Pirates of the Caribbean Online team has partnered with Comcast to give 10,000 players each a free month of unlimited access to the game. To enter, all you need to do is visit this page on the official site and log in with your membership information. If you're not a member, you can register for free.

You have until June 30 to enter in the contest. A one-month unlimited subscription costs $4.95. You can read the official rules here.

According to the official news blog, Pirates of the Caribbean Online has received some new features and improvements, some of which make the game more accessible for new players. For example, early quests have been modified for better playability and more than 70 tutorial pop-up hints have been added to help get new players acquainted with the mechanics.

In addition, dockworker NPCs have been added to give pirates the transportation option of becoming a stowaway on a ship. The team has added 38 new, player-submitted ship names to the game, and enemy difficulties in areas throughout PotBS have been changed. You can read all of the updates after the jump.

Also, the following announcement was made in a separate post: "For security reasons, we have removed the ability to tab between Linked Accounts on the Pirate selection screen. Please sign in with each account's unique login and password for the account you want to play."

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