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Gamescom 2014: Xbox Main Event

Hey everyone, and welcome to Gamescom 2014!

Gamescom's first live event (1 of 3) is from Xbox. We'll be covering it live, keeping this page fresh. Open the stream and keep refreshing this page!

When: 8:00AM Eastern / 5:00AM Pacific — Watch on!
All Events: Xbox, PlayStation, EA

SMITE God Reveal: Osiris

Hi-Rez Studios recently revealed their latest God in SMITE: Osiris, Broken God of the Afterlife. His passive is to be fragmented, and each ability used will consume one of the fragments of his bodies until he walks through his enemies in spirit form. Osiris will cut down his opponents with a sickle and a flail. He'll also tether them in his mummy wraps and shed his fragments to leap at the lowest health god while ripping a fragment of its spirit.

SMITE God Update: Bastet

SMITE, a game of gods and glory, features a full pantheon of deities. Among them is Bastet, a goddess who Hi-Rez Studios believed to need a full visual overhaul and more. Shedding her historical appearance as a slender black cat, she adorns a fleshy peach color instead.

Including almost two minutes of lore, Hi-Rez Studios gives a complete overview:

SMITE Launch Day Cinematic Teaser

Hi-Rez Studios has released a cinematic teaser to celebrate the launch of SMITE! Check it out!

Hi-Rez Studios recently revealed their latest God in SMITE: Scylla, Horror of the Deep. As a passively quick learner her abilities are more potent at their maximum rank. She also has the ability to sic her hounds on opponents, detonate a magical field of power, utilize a sentinel to enhance her vision of enemies and briefly become immune to crowd control.

Ancient poems warn of a narrow channel of water so treacherous that death touches all who approach. Sailors must choose to risk their ship, traveling close to the monstrous whirlpool Charybdis, or instead hug the rocky shoals where dwells a creature some say is made from the nightmares of all men.

Scylla, they call her, Horror of the Sea. No ship that dares sail in her waters goes unscathed. Those that cling to survival whisper panicked tales of enormous black tentacles tipped with slavering hound heads ravaging whole ships to splinters with pitiless precision. Though it’s her laughter, they say, that’s most horrible; child-like, delighting in blood soaked murder as men are dragged into the dark abyss.

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