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Based on the popular Chinese TV drama, “My Own Swordsman,” Legend of Martial Arts is a light-hearted online adventure featuring unique character customization with a distinctive cartoon style set in a traditional Chinese background. Players can look forward to seeing slap stick humor throughout the 3D world as well as in quests that transcends cultural barriers.

Background Story

In the midst of a raging battle, many types of heroes will rise to search for a princess in peril. Mysterious Oracles and savage Berserkers will join the fight against a common enemy with a very powerful secret. With the missing princess and kingdom up for grabs, only you can uncover the secret and legend of martial arts.

Key Features

  • Martial Art Disciplines – Select and master your own martial art discipline to become a legend
  • Reavers Race – A demonic, non-human race that possesses special magical skills, choose to play as either the Berserker or Oracle class
  • Berserker class – Transform into a cat or wolf to greatly improve physical abilities
  • Oracle class – Summon gods from the underworld to activate special and more powerful magic spells
  • Transformation System – Over 100 different transformations available from purely aesthetic to others that bolster character attributes with passive benefits and skills
  • Weapons and Equipment – Choose from a variety of weapons ranging from deadly scythes to a number of silly, everyday household items including a plunger, guitar or frying pan
  • Legendary Weapon System – Achieve the top ranks on the leader boards and attain unique weapons to become a legend
  • Expansive Zones – Discovery in-depth zones including special starting areas for the underworld race
  • PvP Dungeons – Explore dungeons for loot and fight other players for the right to take down powerful monsters and bosses
  • Dungeon Matchmaking/Queue System
  • Character Personalization – Choose from hundreds of different fashion styles and customization options

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