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Boldly Going for Three Years


As you can tell from the infographic above, there's been a lot going on in Star Trek Online over the past three years. The troubles caused by tribbles alone is enough to make the eyes water.

As part of the celebration of STO's third year exploring the final frontier, Perfect World Entertainment has released a new video outlining the events of the past year, which included the seventh season update, and a glimpse of things to come. Featuring Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar, we get a peek at a new storyline video and info on free ships you can claim by taking part in the celebration.

The 2800 are returning to Star Trek Online! In STO's newest feature episode, a fleet of Dominion warships with the Jem'Hadar onboard are returning, putting the very existence of Deep Space Nine in danger. This episode will go live on Saturday, February 11th so be sure to stock up and be ready for invasion!

Star Trek Online was first launched on February 2, 2010 and this week marks the second anniversary of the game being live. To celebrate, there will be two special activities as well as some fun things planned by the community. 

The first activity is a daily Q mission that has you go to Starfleet Academy or KDF Academy. Once there, you will chase down pests that got loose and be rewarded with one of three options:

  • A "Two Year Anniversary Party Popper" item that does silly things when you use it.
  • A mystery box.
  • A box with 500 Dillithium Ore in it.

The second activity is a flagship mission which works differently for Federation and Klingon characters. The Federation characters must be level 5 or higher, while the Klingon characters must be level 21 or higher. Upon completion of the mission, both will receive a non-tradeable inventory item that contains a starship. However, this item cannot be opened to get the starship until the character achieves the rank of Vice Admiral or Lt. General at level 50.

In the latest Dev Diary for Star Trek Online, we learn details about how to aquire the new Odyssey class starship! Characters must be level 5 and have the rank of a Vice Admiral to operate the starship. For those of you who are behind, however, any character below the required rank will recieve an inventory item that can be opened once you achieve the Vice Admiral rank.

While the final stats of the starship are sill classified and subject to last minute changes, Cryptic claims it is "the pinnacle of Federation starship design" and the largest vessel ever created by Starfleet. This massive size affects its turn rate, but it's design makes it more of a long-range vessel that can operate for long periods of time away from support.

For all the specs and details, be sure to check out the Season 5 Dev Diary 13!

For those of you who haven't taken the time to try out Star Trek Online, there is a limited deal going on that might just be the final push you need to get started. Alienware is giving away keys that will give you the following:

  • Access to the retail game of Star Trek Online
  • 10 days of subscription time
  • 22nd Century Enterprise Era Uniform
  • NX Class Starship
  • 8 Hour XP boost

The only downside to this giveaway is that it is only valid for new Star Trek Online players and only available to North America and Europe. However, if you fit within these constraints then redeem your key at now!

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