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NIDA online is a unique 3D-MMORPG with fantasy and science-fiction elements where five tribes compete and fight on a planet called NIDA.

The game adopts the style of classic MMORPGs through easy-to-understand and fast-progressing game-play. Instant satisfaction is supported by its simple user interface and control. The classic mouse navigation and quick level-ups in NIDA particularly reproduce the fun of first generation RPG games.

Since 2004, many MMORPGs became complex and required high hardware specifications as well as the users' advanced know-how to master the games. In contrast NIDA online enables players to advance in the game with less hassle and few barriers, while providing a high amount of game-play experience.

The game covers virtually all systems of existing MMORPG games including armor upgrades, item combinations, terrain systems and PvP, giant raid monsters, riding, as well as fishing, guilds and real-time lighting.

Through NIDA online, users will enjoy three key elements: easy and user friendly control, brisk level-ups and varied game-play content.

The producer of NIDA online says “the game will become an instant MMORPG classic succeeding the pedigree of first-generation MMORPGs.”

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