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While PlanetSide 2 stole the second half of the Welcome Reception keynote last night, the first half was dedicated to new games, new features, and new partnerships. We'll hit up the EverQuest titles and DCUO in another article: here's everything else!

Runes of Magic Unveils New Continent

Runes of Magic is launching into its newest patch, Chrysalia's Shadow. This volume of content is normally the kind of thing reserved for expansions - a new continent, a raised level cap, and a new instance

Walking you through the upcoming content is the RoM Community Managers Sabine "Laghmara" and Lee "Heijoshin", above, with their show RoMCast! The content's already live so feel free to jump in as soon as you wish.

Julian "Mirai" Williams

Runes of Magic Chapter V Q&A

In July we had the chance to get ask some questions of Mandy Blumenthal, Producer of Runes of Magic, specifically about Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge. Read on after the break for the details!

Patch 4.05 launches for Runes of Magic

Patch 4.05 has arrived in all its glory for Runes of Magic. With it comes the mystical Tomb of the Seven Heroes and Tergothen Bay. As well, there's an entirely new zone (the aforementioned bay), a raised level cap, new quests, phirius tokens and recipes.

Maybe some of you can get off your turkey-stuffed behinds to get to checking out RoM's new expansion! Or not. That's fine.

Frogster announced today that it has teamed up with Overwolf to add a new feature to Runes of Magic that lets players use various social media applications within the game. Here's what you can do with the Magic Hub:

"Magic Hub allows you to multitask in Runes of Magic without having to leave the game. You have access to the official forum, Support, YouTube, Facebook, Skype and many other programs. You can also capture video and screenshots, which can be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook with just one click so you can show your friends which monster you’ve just killed, or which rare item you’ve just added to your collection."

The Magic Hub is now live in the European version of Runes of Magic. The feature is discussed in the latest EU RoMCast episode, which you can watch below. Skip to the 7-minute mark to see the Magic Hub in action.

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