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I would say something cliché about spooky things and Halloween, but seriously, I got nothing. So instead let's just sit back and enjoy the first seven of fourteen new trailers coming your way this week!

October 31, 2014

October 30, 2014

Here are today's updates:

New Items: Splash of EctoplasmSiren ScalesWhole Sand DollarPetrified Wood ShardMasterwork Axe ComponentsLost Light of the HouseEnchanted BristlesRing of BoneLiving DaggerBall of Baleful BileTrophy: Trophy of the SeafarerEye of FireAnimate StrawMask of SparksObservation MatrixChastity Helmet SetObservation MatrixAugust OreOld Spirespine's SpineTrophy of the SeafarerMagi-potent CrystalRecord DiskFallen Mantrap LeavesPolished GlassAugust Halfling Cultural CraftingSerpentscale BeltFlask of LiquorA History of Portal TravelPellarus FragmentRogue Elemental CoreRubbery Cephalopod ArmAlchemical Potion VialSynthesis ChamberDarkwater Soulslaver GlovesDarkwater Spiritwalker GauntletsAragus TacticsSledge of the IndagatorumAurio SilensioIncidiorexSicarria AuctusEarring of the AugustGuard of the Northern StarOs AvusExigioFurio AurioCarmenius FacultusArcus EminusPicus InauremTransfigereaVitali ClawPraetor's Ledalus StudEarring of MorbusVitai SolaciumMenscurvauraTorrential SoulstoneCultural Raid Seal CrafterDeleterious Fluctuator MechanoinstructionsImprecise Continuance MechanoinstructionsPerpetual Remediatory MechanoinstructionsSalutary Fluctuator MechanoinstructionsLars' LedgerTita's Incapacitating CinctureDarkwater GlovesElder Source of CreationFaculta PrimiaDarkwater BracerUmeria VisBestia ResponsaElemental EmbersConch of Singing SeasToken of the WavesweptViolet Conch of the TempestVocality MechanoinstructionsVenturer MechanoinstructionsPremonitional MechanoinstructionsMorpheme MechanoinstructionsPercussional MechanoinstructionsOcean's Wrath AxeCultural Arm Symbol DiagramCultural Head Symbol DiagramCultural Wrist Symbol DiagramAugust CoalCultural Foot Symbol DiagramCultural Hand Symbol DiagramCombustible MechanoinstructionsCultural Leg Symbol DiagramCultural Chest Symbol DiagramAugust Animal PeltGlyph of Glowing ExperienceCastaway GlovesSerpentil's RingStorm EmeraldAquatic FinDeep Seas PearlMetamorph Totem: AnkylosaurusAncient TreasureOf Dreams and the MindAnimal VenomBurning Kelethin PumpkinBurning Ak`Anon PumpkinBurning Cabilis PumpkinBurning Felwithe PumpkinBurning Oggok PumpkinBurning Qeynos PumpkinBurning Shar Vahl PumpkinBurning Grobb PumpkinBurning Rivervale PumpkinBurning Freeport PumpkinBurning Erudin PumpkinEverQuest PumpkinNorrath PumpkinBurning Gukta PumpkinFlaming SkullBurning Halas PumpkinBurning Neriak PumpkinBurning Crescent Reach PumpkinBurning Pumpkin PikeBurning Kaladim Pumpkin

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Thuliasaur Island is one of eight new zones in EverQuest's 21st expansion, The Darkened Sea, which launched for All-Access members this past Tuesday, October 28 (it launches Tuesday, November 11, for Free-To-Play players). Here is a look:

For thousands of years, dinosaurs ruled a remote island to the south of the Buried Sea. It is thought that long ago, dragons once deposited eggs on this island so that these dinosaurs could live in peace as the rest of their race eventually died off. After all, biologically, dinosaurs are cousins to the mighty dragons.

October 29, 2014

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