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July 25, 2014

Happy Friday!

New Item: 5 Dose Essence of Goblin

New Bestiary: Efreeti Lord AreshEfreeti Lord Areshan animated swordan animated sworda wildfire phoenixa wildfire phoenix

New Recipes: Extravagant Protectorate GreavesExtravagant Protectorate HelmExtravagant Protectorate Sleeves

Updated Zones: The Other Side of the RiftThe Void (H): The Journey HomeThe Void (H): Raid Instance

Updated Items: Scaled Cincture of FireStare of DecayRoyal Guardian's Chilling VisorLoop of Squandered WealthTreasurer's Tarnished SignetShriveled Leather ShroudGlistening Moonstone BandFallen Scout's Garnet RingFallen Minstrel's MaskDelicate Guise of GriefDecrepit VeilCrypt Robber's VisorBetrayer's Inscribed BandVisor of the Stone ScowlSoot Blackened HoopTears of the PhoenixShoulderguard of GrandeurWeight of DivinityTear of RoRigid Crimson ShouldersMantle of Chaotic HarmonyMantle of PowerImp Fang HoopCouncilor's Sapphire LoopFlamelink MantleBrace of Woven FireBeguiler's TeardropCowl of Dark ProvidenceAreial's Fiery StudAdvisor's Citrine BandSplinter of the High TempleFragment of the High TempleSliver of the High TempleBracer of Manifested EtherPlanar GooFright StoneFear Touched BootsShivering Witch's Cloakber waist

Updated Quests: Gates of Discord Progression #6: Access to QvicGates of Discord Progression #7: Access to TxevuA Rotten HeartBurn Out

Updated Achievement: Achievement: The Gates of Ethernere

Updated Recipes: Extravagant Protectorate GreavesExtravagant Protectorate HelmExtravagant Protectorate Sleeves

Updated Bestiary: Brevik KalanerJerimo JiaoSpecter of BarxtAganetti the KeeperAn Ancient SentinelFjloaren IcebaneCorpseflowera worn chesta chest (Tower of Rot Raid)a chest (The Journey Home)a skirth rippera skirth ripperScroll of G`hanScroll of G`han

July 24, 2014

July 23, 2014

The final chapter in the Call of the Forsaken expansion went live this morning: Lady Lendiniara is due for a 'journey home'...

New Quests: A Guide Beyond the RiftThe Journey HomeRaid Expedition: The Journey Home

New Zones: The Other Side of the RiftThe Void (H): The Journey HomeThe Void (H): Raid Instance

New Recipes: Regal Protectorate SleevesRegal Protectorate HelmRegal Protectorate GreavesRegal Protectorate GlovesRegal Protectorate CuirassRegal Protectorate BootsRegal Protectorate ArmbandGlorious Protectorate ArmbandGlorious Protectorate BootsGlorious Protectorate CuirassGlorious Protectorate GlovesGlorious Protectorate GreavesGlorious Protectorate HelmGlorious Protectorate Sleeves

New Bestiary: Firiona Viea chest (The Journey Home)a chest (The Journey Home)a gehein soulcrushera skirth ripperBorleothGrundehlLady LendiniaraLanys T`VylRo`s FlameScroll of G`hanSelo`s DrumThe LifeguideThe Qeynos ClaymoreZebuxoruka Doomscale ritualista Doomscale slaughterera gehein soulcrushera skirth ripperBorleothGrundehlDeathmaster SarenthLady LendiniaraLanys T`VylZebuxorukRo`s FlameScroll of G`hanSelo`s DrumThe LifeguideThe Qeynos Claymorean Ethernere riftan Ethernere rift

Updated Zones: Estate of UnrestLower GukEstate of Unrest: Greater UnrestLower Guk: Darkened Ruins of Old Guk

Updated Items: Burning Sash of RoBracer of Manifested EtherScroll: Bucolic Harvest Rk. IIIFaceted Gem of the Sun

Updated Quests: Argin-Hiz #3: The Keeper's RingRings of FireBurn Out

Updated Bestiary: ZebuxorukLady LendiniaraCaptain DalynChief Warden Varkenan ornate iron chest

July 22, 2014

Keep a lookout for another round of new content tomorrow: Two more missions (well, let's say "one-and-a-half missions") and a raid go live at midnight tonight (3 A.M. Eastern Time).

New Items: Katargo, Star of AbrogationJagged Earring of PotencyFetish of Strife

New Achievement: Achievement: In Your Eyes

New Bestiary: a possessed guardiana possessed defender

Updated Zones: Argin-HizArgin-Hiz: The Keeper's RingArgin-Hiz: A Posthumous Proposition

Updated Items: Kodiak ClawEmber FlowerRose of FlamesLustrous GemstoneShiny Lava StoneVibrant LeavesSol`Dal LilyMelted GoldArgin-Hiz StoneRoyal Scout's Vermillion SaberSekrivitax, Kris of the Sol`DalPhoenix Feather EarringPauldrons of TribulationKyrenvale, the Sol`Dal's HammerKeeper's TeardropJahar's Burning HoopImp Eye EarringHeartflame, Guide of the Sol`DalFlamewind, the Keeper's LightBurden of DresolikAylinvar, Longbow of the Sol`DalAdvisor's Citrine BandVeil of Dark RitesRoyal Vicar's Ornamental BucklerRoyal Guardian's Vermillion SaberPeerless Platinum BandOfficer's Ornamental GladiusLoop of Lingering DecayLongbow of Intermittent FlameBrilliant Sorcerer's AnelaceBrilliant Flame Edged CleaverShield of Immaculate LightBloodstained ShouldersGilded Hammer of Ro's LightFragment of Legendary Alaran HistoryGilded Hammer of Ro's LightBurning Sash of RoScimitar of SeasonsVery Unlucky Feral Hare's FootFlame-Engulfed Band

Updated Quests: Fergarin Raid #3: Speak with the KingEthernere #3: Answering the CallKraklest #3: General Sagrinta's Last StandCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): Ether Too NearCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): From Whence They CameCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): Heads for the HillsCOTF Pre-Launch (Tower of Rot): Beyond the BarrierA Posthumous PropositionRaid Expedition: Burn OutAchievement: Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz)

Updated Bestiary: Reanimated handReclusive ghoul magusGreater Blade FiendGaranel RucksifLost Soulan undead knight of UnrestDeath BeetleGreater Dark BoneTentacle TerrorJack o lanternan undead brewerTorklar BattlemasterMortificator Fungusa plated slaughterera Blade Regulant of ErillionDeathcaller XylokRequisitioner ChashMaster Sage Lowenna chest (Plane of War raid)a chest (Burn Out)

July 21, 2014

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