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The Darkened Sea is set to officially launch on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 (with an early release exclusive to All Access members on Tuesday, October 28, 2014).

Here, we have a rundown of what's to come, along with a look at each new zone.


Firiona Vie and friends are back (you might remember them from the events in Al'Kabor's Nightmare). The city of Katta Castrum is in dire straits, and our old nemesis, Lanys T`Vyl, is up to no good, having acquired the services of some new faces to help stir up problems... 14 (+2) quests and nine missions will see you through from beginning to end (numerous non-progression/storyline quests emanate out of each zone as well).

Locked Zones & Progression

Of the eight zones, six of them are locked behind progression. The two Tier 1 zones (Tempest Temple and Katta Castrum: Deluge) are open. The two Tier 2 zones (Brother Island and the Caverns of Endless Song) are unlocked together. And the four Tier 3 zones are unlocked one at a time in the order of Degmar, the Lost Castle; Thuliasaur Island; Combine Dredge; and Arx Mentis.

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The Darkened Sea: Combine Dredge

The Combine Dredge is one of eight new zones coming with EverQuest's 21st expansion, The Darkened Sea, launching November 11, 2014 (with an early release for All-Access members this Tuesday, October 28, 2014). Here is a look:

Hundreds of years ago, the Combine Empire ruled much of the known lands. Their powerful magics influenced many cultures and unusual world events, helping to forge Norrath into what it is today. Many of their wondrous creations still exist however, as reminders of a once glorious past.

The Combine knew their land well and went to great efforts to extract the most valuable resources from it. Some of their greatest geomancers took to what is now the Darkened Sea to raise sections of the sea floor for harvesting purposes. These raised platforms were once known as the Combine Dredge. It was later abandoned after the mighty sea god Prexus attacked the platforms and sank the outpost stationed there. While some survived due to a newly developed magical technology that helped them breathe and move around easily underwater, it was still a severe blow to the Empire.

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