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Immerse yourself in one of the largest massively multiplayer roleplaying game in North America. Over 50,000 items to earn and collect, both magical and mundane, including artifacts of great power. Adventure solo and journey across continents filled with perilous dungeons, eerie crypts and mysterious underwater landscapes, or play with friends in groups or in instanced raids with up to 54 players. With more than 375 zones, explore enormous continents as well as planes and dimensions, even underwater zones. Enjoy the largest online EverQuest world ever built. Choose from 16 different races and 16 distinct classes, and adventure online in a world that can be populated by hundreds of thousands of other players. Experience the ultimate fantasy role playing game and build your character to all new levels of power.

Upcoming Expansion - EverQuest: Underfoot

Many remember the tale of Ognit and his friends when they discovered the Wall of Living Stone in the ruins of Old Paineel. Ognit breached that barrier and an army of elemental beings poured out into Odus, creating panic. Those elementals were only turned back by great effort and at great risk. Ognit was not the first, and soon it will be shown that he will not be the last. This time the barrier will be breached from the inside...

The ground shakes across Norrath so strongly that even some of the closely connected planes of existence are affected. There is a threat growing in the ruins and it is time once again for heroes to fight in defense of Norrath. Deadly creatures are appearing not of stone this time, but of chitin. Where they come from and why they have broken the seal from the inside is unknown, but the danger they bring is real, and adventurers are needed to stop them.

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