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We've already heard about the Halloween event kickoffs for both the EverQuest and EverQuest II Nights of the Dead, but what's haunting SOE's other four games?

Slated for a release on the PC, PS3 and PS4 later this year, War of the Light Part II will be DC Universe Online's 12th DLC pack. In this continuation of the War of the Light saga, Green Lantern Hal Jordan unites with his rival Sinestro, as the two must set aside their differences to save the Emotional Spectrum.

We're back with seven more! Let's dig in.

SOE Live: DC Universe Online

Reading this between 5PM - 6PM ET? Catch the live DCUO keynote!

We're everywhere at SOE Live! Along the way, we ran into Larry Liberty, Executive Producer on DC Universe Online. We talked to him about DCUO's upcoming expansions.

Read on, heroes!

Sony Online Entertainment is having a content-packed week with the latest two releases of DC Universe Online's DLC, Halls of Power Part One, and PlanetSide 2's new prestige achievement-styled system, Directives.

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