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I'm Back! so good to be back = )Follow

#1 Oct 14 2011 at 8:49 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey Fellow EQOA players, whats left of us...
anyway, I came back once again, lol can't get away for too long...
in any case, I was just wondering/looking for any tips you guys might be able to lend.
I'm soloing for the most part because all I see is bunch of 60's for the most part, I'd like to join a guild if possible and maybe grp for some lowbies like the good old days.

i have a 30 Nec, but started a Shaman, its what I used to play awhile back, good soloer...

anyway, thanks, im glad to be back, hope to hear from some people...

btw whats the point of the gifts from that merchant in FP, some Moss Snake that doesnt seem to do anything, and then a land shark form that doesnt buff any stats or allow to breath underwater??? are these pointless? or just me?

Thanks all...
#2 Oct 15 2011 at 11:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey, I'm thinking about reactivating my account and starting a new character as well. How has your experience been so far?
#3 Oct 15 2011 at 9:32 PM Rating: Decent
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thats a good thing, I am so glad to see more people coming back or thinging about it atleast, anyways I will be coming back next week from a 5 years gone I will be back brand new I ordered my new ps2 system and eqoa & frontiers so I will see you guys on cant wait!
#4 Oct 16 2011 at 12:35 PM Rating: Decent
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The land shark and moss snake pet are just for looks they put them in when sony had they're breach like a little gift for the players besides the free time.
Shalcon the Great
#5 Oct 17 2011 at 1:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey Droaos I saw your post and I can definately help u lvl up a bit. Send an in game mail to Falkboom. I duel box so i can pl with or w/e glad u came back cya in Tunaria.
#6 Oct 17 2011 at 6:46 AM Rating: Decent
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Its been great so far, been playing for a few days now and have about 3 or 4 people in buddy list, plus got invited to join a guild. out of no where a level 60 private messages me and tell me to gather up a group for a PL.

so its been good, theres def help out there, people in FP will walk by and through you a SOW, or some random helpful buff which is cool, if you ask nicely you cen get ports.

#7 Oct 17 2011 at 1:11 PM Rating: Decent
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I've also been thinking about coming back to EQOA, I probably played only a few months when it first launched. I'd have to gather my old PS2 system parts around, been a while since I've used it. Guess I'll need a copy of Frontiers as well, only have EQOA Original.

Just curious, before I go out and get a copy and subscription.. is it worth coming back after all these years? I have 2 EQ PC Accounts and an EQ2 account. Both of which are very populated games still till this date, wondering if EQOA servers are still populated enough to find parties, guilds and what not.

Hope you're enjoying the game as much as I remember playing it, still indecisive on playing again myself. :)
#8 Oct 29 2011 at 12:13 PM Rating: Decent
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I recently joined a guild called "Till The End." which seems to be a pretty new guild. It has some 60's and then a decent mixture of players throughout the lower levels. I have not had much time to try and get a group together with the guild, but I am sure that the more players that are close to the same level you are, the more likely you are to get a group. Hit up BANKOTSU if you are interested in joining at all.
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