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Ragnarok: LINKSHELL RECRUITING new members of all kinds.Follow

#1 Jan 17 2013 at 2:12 PM Rating: Default
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Nostalgist is recruiting new players who want to witness FFXI the way it was in its prime.

Purpose of the linkshell

1. Provide enough players for classic 4-6man party exp groups
2. Do city missions and work our way up to expansion missions
3. Provide a linkshell for communicating
4. Have fun

End game purposes
1. The shell will mainly focus around doing level 75 content with 75 jobs and gear. A few of my friends and I have started from scratch to experience this awesome game before it became what it is today (still awesome, just less awesome, in my opinion of course)
2. If you wish to participate in 99 content you may choose to do so. However, please maintain a "main" job at 75 that you will be using to participate in the 75 content we will be doing

Requirements to join
1. The only real requirement that I ask of anyone wanting to participate is that that actively play atleast twice a week. There are no set dates on when anything will happen as of now due to the length in time it is away.
2. No elitist jerks please. We're here to have fun.

As of now I am a 20 Thief. I just completed the subjob quest and will be started a RDM or WHM soon as our linkshell's main healer.
If you're interested in joining, leave me a message here, message me on AIM @ Bartoc36 or send me a tell in game @ Altykins
This is for Ragnarok server.
#2 Jan 17 2013 at 2:23 PM Rating: Excellent
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I wish you luck, but all the shells I have seen that had these goals in mind just kind of disappeared pretty quickly.

As far as maintaining a job at 75 - wouldn't you just be able to like use, level sync? Then only a couple of you, probably the officers, would be required to stay at 75 and you would have a bigger pool of people to choose from. The number of folks who will keep a "main" at 75 is probably a lot fewer than the people who already have\want to get their "main" to 99 but would be willing to play at level 75 and be a part of the shell.
#3 Jan 17 2013 at 7:17 PM Rating: Excellent
Have any of these shells actually exhibited any staying power at all? Just curious.
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#4 Jan 17 2013 at 9:28 PM Rating: Good
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The old school static my LS tried to start lasted all of a week.
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#5 Jan 18 2013 at 4:50 AM Rating: Good
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Why level 75? Go all the way down to level 60 and try doing certain job's AF quests. That stuff will put some hair on your ***.

Or how about you just stay level 20 and farm subjob items for other level 20s while the rest of us enjoy the game. That'd be great!
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Nilatai wrote:
Vlorsutes wrote:
There's always...not trolling him?

You're new here, aren't you?
#6 Jan 18 2013 at 7:57 AM Rating: Good
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I don't think there's any need to be mean to him. He's just trying to get a shell together.

As far as staying power - the one that I thought had the most chance of success was that one last year sometime that had like 4 pages of interest on the thread right here in the general forums. But even that one I think died out - the leader was no longer reachable and everyone who was a part of it just went their separate ways or quit again. Every now and again the thread gets bumped by someone looking to join but.. Yea.

The "golden" age is over. Even the folks who have an interest in reliving level 75 content will get bored of it the first or second time through and will be tempted by abyssea and all she has to offer.
#7 Jan 18 2013 at 8:16 AM Rating: Good
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Found it - this was the linkshell I thought had the most chance of succeeding, but in the end, it failed as well.


In between that one and this one, there was:

This one on Bahamut


This one on Asura

Not one of them is currently active. Personally, I think that the folks who try to start these shells are limiting themselves. It's nice to revisit old content just to remember where we came from, but you are going to have a really hard time trying to force people into ONLY that old content, especially when there's so much new stuff to do and new gear to acquire. *shrugs

In any event, good luck.
#8 Jan 18 2013 at 9:08 AM Rating: Excellent
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Doing things like meriting at 75 on birds is fun once in a while but after a hour or so it's really boring same with doing missions and limbus and the like at 75 you can do more faster.
#9 Jan 18 2013 at 9:56 AM Rating: Default
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All criticism is taken with a grain of salt. I understand that this is not the ideal way to play the game. However, there are a ton of players out there who would kill to be able to play XI during its 75 content prime. There doesn't seem to be any other ways of reaching out to those players.

I appreciate all feedback but would like to say, if you aren't interested in joining you probably shouldn't take the time to reply.

Best of luck guys!

#10 Jan 19 2013 at 1:08 AM Rating: Excellent
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Personally, this would be my idea to throw around.

Try to get up 6-8 players that are going to be on roughly the same times. If you get all new or returning but starting over folks, try to get a balanced spread of starting jobs. Even if you have a few folks that are returnees with lv75+ jobs, they can either level sync or start a new job they may not have leveled. That way you can build either 1 full party or 2 4-man teams and ally if you need.

Once you get that figured out you can start working on XPing. I would not go old school xp style camps. I'd do GoV pages at zones where'd you be getting low mob xp but decent page xp. That way you can move around more and keep your group's skills decently close to cap. Also, added benefit of not getting in over one's head with mobs. You'll still get the same feeling of progression as the 'old school' but using the more modern methods.

After you guys start hitting the mid-levels of 40-50 range, start doing BCNMs and some missions. Breaks up the endless XPing. Or just set aside certain days for events and XP the rest of the week. There's no need to hold yourself to certain levels, experience the content as you move along. Anyway, at some point you'll all hit the level cap. Mixing it up as you get there would bring that old flavor back.

There's a vocal crowd here that will say you're doing it wrong and tell you to just speed level up to 99 key-whoring. They are correct if you're interested in jumping into the endgame content right away. But if your interests are more bringing back the old feeling, there's nothing wrong with taking it slower. However, you're going to need to mix things up with FoV/GoV and Abby. XPing the days of 2004 will burn out anyone within a week these days.

However you attack this, I wish you luck. As a few others have stated, none of the 'Returnee' LSs have survived. Whether it was lack of interest, Abby shineys, or what have you...they all ended up broken.
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#11 Jan 19 2013 at 7:33 AM Rating: Good
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Game isnt designed for this anymore. Due to GoV, SE modified a lot of placement for monsters. There's level 100 ones mixed in with the level 7~9 monsters. And in some places they are still agressive as ****. It's really no fun.
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#12 Jan 19 2013 at 7:54 AM Rating: Excellent
altnob wrote:
All criticism is taken with a grain of salt. I understand that this is not the ideal way to play the game. However, there are a ton of players out there who would kill to be able to play XI during its 75 content prime. There doesn't seem to be any other ways of reaching out to those players.

I appreciate all feedback but would like to say, if you aren't interested in joining you probably shouldn't take the time to reply.

Best of luck guys!

While I agree that there are tons of players out there that wish they could go back and play lv. 75 content, unfortunately most of those players have either moved on to other games, due to not liking the newer, more casual friendly XI, or have accepted that the "old" ways won't come back anymore, so they've leveled all their jobs to 99. Most new players, in turn, are players that are coming in under the pretense of being able to rush to 99 quickly, so they may be turned off to the idea of staying at 75 and being blocked from content that most all other players around them would be doing. Legion, Voidwatch, the newer versions of Salvage, Limbus, Einherjar, etc, would all be inaccessible to them due to their level limitations, and, unfortunately, the rest of the player base probably won't take too well to them.

Your linkshell members may face ridicule from other players for doing something that they deem "foolish" and, because of how "99 content" oriented the game is now, acquiring good gear for 75 is going to be potentially harder, at least as far as crafted items go.

Hopefully I'm wrong about this, since I think it's a neat concept that, if you managed to get enough people interested in, would make for a nice deviation from the "norm". I'm glad that you're taking the criticism being directed at you in such a non-aggressive way, since many others would probably be very hostile towards this, throwing a tirade over criticizing their idea. Hopefully this does get off the ground for you and becomes something really impressive.
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#13 Jan 19 2013 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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I guess what I would prefer if I were to join this shell would be to keep doing 99 events but have occassional 75 events too, and also occasional 6 man xp parties just for nostalgia. You have to realize that a ton of roadblocks at 75 were just that, needless roadblocks and timesinks, that 99s just steamroll over now and don't even think about. I started in 2004, so the "old" game got old to me, and not in a good way at times.

For example, everyone's gonna want blood cuisses right, so you need to kill Kirin 1000 times. No one in their right mind wants to kite him for an hour 1000 times anymore, but maybe do it once or twice for the lulz cause 75s aren't going to be burning him down unless everyone has a Kraken Club, relics left at 75, and exceptional gear and support. Kite him, laugh about it on vent, then switch to 99, gear up and burn him down 5 times in an hour, do that a few times, and you've got your items.

I guess what I would recommend is do the missions (all 3 cities, zilart, cop, aht urghan, wotg) under the original caps. This would be challenging and would take months and would be pretty rewarding and fun.
#14 Jan 19 2013 at 12:38 PM Rating: Good
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I think what Torrence posted is direct, contrary evidence to the imagined, "ton" of people who want to play 6 man parties.

It's what I've known and posted all along but it's nice to have facts to back that up.


#15 Jan 19 2013 at 3:05 PM Rating: Good
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I can see some appeal in doing 75 content using ~75 gear, but not being 75 because um, well, good luck.
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